Alex Wong may be unable to dance as an all-star in So You Think You Can Dance Season 8, but that hasn’t stopped him from cheering along at home.

Wong, who was disqualified from Season 7 due to an injury, revealed to Too Much To Tivo his favorite contestants and how he thinks the season is shaping up.

It’s no surprise that Wong calls out Marko, Melanie and Sasha as the strongest dancers. “Melanie and Marko never had a bad routine,” Wong says.

But he also says not to underestimate bboyer Tadd. “People don’t realize how great he is and how hard it is to pick up ballroom as he did several times this season.”

While overall Wong is a fan of Season 8, he did critique the new format of having the all-stars not come in until the top 10.

“I am biased. My season started with the all-stars immediately. So you didn’t have someone pulling you down or pulling you up for that matter,” Wong says. “Some people this year suffered or gained because of the change.”

Click here for the complete Alex Wong interview and find out more about his injury and if he will return to SYTYCD.

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