Are you a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance? I assume yes, otherwise it is odd you’ve found yourself on this site. If you are a fan I can guess two things about you… One – You are sad there is no live show this week. (boooo) Two – You are in need of a way to fill that void. Well, here’s one option – Fanaticly’s newly updated SYTYCD mobile app.

I’ve taken some time to check out the app (Thanks, Tiffany @ Fanaticly!) and I have to say, it’s all a fan could want. It’s basically a gateway to all of the SYTYCD alum and the current season. Let me break it down by page.


On the guide you’ll find links to all the previous/current dancers’ Twitter accounts, as well as Cat, Nigel, Mary and all the regular judges and choreographers. There are 392 of them! Worried that is too many to sort through? Don’t worry, Fanaticly has broken it down by season for ya! Let’s say I’m really wondering what Kent Boyd is up to (and I would be)… just click on Season 7, and there he is! Labeled as 2nd place. And what if I was hoping to rewatch his prom dance with Lauren? No problem! There are links to the YouTube videos of all the performances right from there. You can just scroll through all of them. Or if you are an uber-fan and you know of the top of your head what week it was, it’s broken down that way too. Convenient!


We get a lot of questions about the music. (Speaking of, do you want me to start putting that in my recaps as well?? I’m here to serve! Not literally. You can get your own coffee.) Fanaticly has you covered there too. This section of the app has all the songs from each season with handy links to iTunes to purchase the music if you really like it.


Feeling like this is all too much and you couldn’t possibly take it all in at once? Well you don’t have to. If you are scanning through and see a performance you don’t have time to rewatch at this moment, or a dancer you don’t want to lose track of again, just click that little star next to the name, and boom it gets sent to this section! All ready for you to come back and find. I’m sure you are familiar with the concept. I think I’ve seen a few of you favorite my tweets in the past. Same deal.


Now this section is really worth it to me. First of all, there is a countdown til the next live episode. (PS That’s not until August 15th. WHYYYYY???!!! Someone hold me.) As I look at my phone right now there is 16 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes and 16, 15, 14…. seconds. Sad face. But if you want to commiserate, you can click the “chat” button on the same page and discuss how much you love/hate every dancer and judge.

And when we do get a new episode, the $1.99 cost for this app comes in handy right here – they have voting from the app. Here’s a pic:

If you click on the green message button next to Amelia, it opens a text message ready to send to the right number, with Amelia’s name already in the message. If you click “PHONE” up top,you get a similar list for the phone call – the button calls direct to her line. Go to “ONLINE” it takes you to a link to vote online at SO EASY. Honestly, it’s worth the money to me. You never have to remember a number.


Want to constantly see the pictures all the dancers and judges are posting to Twitter? Well, here is your chance. Every time one of them uses that nifty instagram (or their Twitter picture posting of choice), it’s loads to this section. There have been some really cute ones. Like waking up Matt in bed (shut up… I love him) or one of Cyrus and Twitch. It’s fun to stay up to date on their happenings.

Overall, I really enjoy the app. I find myself getting lost in past seasons and watching a ton of routines. Luckily for my wallet I haven’t spent a lot of time in the music section. But it is calling me.

If you are a huge fan, I think this is worth the money. It’s a lot of fun and, best of all, voting is SO EASY. (Yeah… I can’t get over that)

You can buy the app here on iTunes.

You can also check out Fanaticly’s SYTYCD website.

Let me know what you think!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

App provided by Fanaticly.

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