The King of Krump is at it again, kicking off So You Think You Can Dance 2011 with his insightful analysis.

When Lil C criticizes dancers it’s as though he blindly flips through a dictionary, points at several big words, and throws a sentence together. During the Atlanta auditions, which aired last week, the krumper created new catch phrases like, “Absent yet present,” “Obsymoronical” and “Hard to ingest, harder to digest.”

But this word vomit is only the tip of the iceberg. Too Much To Tivo compiled some of the best Lil C quotes through the years, which include: “The primary focus of all obstacles is to induce labor so progression can be born,” and “You are modifying your manipulation of movement and I appreciate that.”

TMTT will be updating this collection with more favorites as Season 8 progresses.

For more Lil C on-liners click 5 Top Lil C Quotes at Too Much To Tivo. You can also follow TMTT on Twitter @toomuchtotivo and like us on Facebook.

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