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August 13, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 Returns This Week


The Olympics have come and gone and after two long weeks of no So You Think You Can Dance 2012, the Top 14 dancers will be back on the stage, dancing their hearts out for you.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE returns with this season’s finalists performing once again before learning which dancers will be ending their journeys. Tune in to see if your favorites make the cut and who is sent home. — Fox

SYTYCD 2012 Top 14 finalists: Lindsay Arnold and Cole Horibe; Witney Carson and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp; Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierczak; Eliana Girard and Cyrus Spencer; Janelle Issis and Dareian Kujawa; Amelia Lowe and Will Thomas; and Tiffany Maher and George Lawrence II will dance some of Mia Michaels’ greatest routines, with each couple performing a favorite Michaels dance from past seasons. Also, choreographers the Ballet Boyz will be on as guest judges.


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August 8, 2012

SYTYCD 2012 – One More Week Until New Episodes…

As you know, So You Think You Can Dance is taking time off so that we can all admire the wonder that is our Olympic Athletes, so there is no new episode this week. But there is something great to look forward to next week when they return.

Along with performing their normal routines, each couple will also perform a favorite Mia Michaels routine. I’m simultaneously excited and insanely nervous for this. Some of Mia’s routines are the most memorable the show has ever seen and I fear that it could be hard to capture that magic again with different dancers. But I’m still excited to see how these dancers handle it and what they choose.

So which of Mia’s routines do you want to see? And how happy will you be to finally have the show back next week?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

August 5, 2012

SYTYCD Alum Alert: Kent Boyd on Bunheads

Another week and another Wednesday shall go by without So You Think You Can Dance on our screens. Oh, the horror! However, I have another replacement for you. Yes, still watch the Olympics, which I enjoy immensely. But with the end of the Swim Bros Era (Phelps and Lochte for life, y’all), I’m looking  for another way to fill the void. So I give you… Bunheads on ABC Family where this week you can find Season 7 runner-up, Kent Boyd.

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July 31, 2012

SYTYCD Alum Alert! All the Right Moves premieres tonight!

As you may have heard, because we keep telling you, there is no SYTYCD this week or next. But I have good news for you So You Think You Can Dance loving people – All the Right Moves premieres tonight on Oxygen!

Find out more about it inside….

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July 30, 2012

Check out Fanaticly’s SYTYCD App!

Are you a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance? I assume yes, otherwise it is odd you’ve found yourself on this site. If you are a fan I can guess two things about you… One – You are sad there is no live show this week. (boooo) Two – You are in need of a way to fill that void. Well, here’s one option – Fanaticly’s newly updated SYTYCD mobile app.

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