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May 22, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Schedule

FOX has just released the So You Think You Can Dance 2011 schedule with details on the first four weeks of the show. First up, of course, are the auditions for three episodes (May 26th – June 2nd) before we head to Las Vegas on June 8th and find out the Top 20 dancers the next night on the 9th.

This season will have performance shows on Wednesday nights and then results shows on Thursdays just like FOX did with American Idol this year.

May 26, 2011: Atlanta & Bay Area Auditions

June 1, 2011: New York & Salt Lake City Auditions

June 2, 2011: Los Angeles Auditions

June 8, 2011: Vegas Week

June 9, 2011: Top 20 Revealed/Meet The Top 20 Performances

June 15, 2011: First Live Performance Show

June 16, 2011: First Live Results Show

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May 19, 2011

Adam Shankman MIA As SYTYCD Season 8 Judge

Adam Shankman was missing from the newest crop of So You Think You Can Dance 2011 promotional images released by Fox this week.

It looks like Shankman will be MIA most of the season as he directs the movie version of Rock of Ages.

Of course, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe holds a permanent place on the judges panel, and as previously announced, ballroom choreographer Mary Murphy returns with her “Hot Tomale” train after taking time off last season due to an illness.

The third judge will be filled on a rotating basis by guests including Robin Antin, Lil C, Tyce Diorio, Toni Redpath and Jason Gilkison.

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May 18, 2011

SYTYCD 2011 All-Star Possible Picks

So You Think You Can Dance has yet to reveal its all-stars for Season 8, but Too Much To Tivo published its own list of who should fill the spots.

The rules for the all-stars have changed this year. All-stars were introduced to the competition in Season 7, when SYTYCD producers decided to do away with the top 20, and kick off the show with just 10 finalists. The all-stars were brought on so that the finale could take place between two dancers, instead of four, as it was typically done in the past.

SYTYCD Season 7 All-Stars

Last year, the all-stars were made up of such favorites as Courtney Galliano, Twitch and Neil Haskell.

This year, Nigel Lythgoe has said he wants the all-stars to compliment the top 10. So it is likely the alums haven’t even been chosen yet.

Too Much To Tivo took the liberty to highlight its choices for the all-stars.

The list includes Season 2 runner-up Travis Wall, who since being on the competition has choreographed for the series; Chelsie Hightower, who has had a lucrative career on Dancing With The Stars; and Kent Boyd, last year’s spunky runner-up.

For a complete list of Too Much To Tivo’s all-star picks, read 10 possible all-stars for Season 8.

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May 18, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Preview

We’re down to just days until the 2011 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance. Are you ready for the new season?

FOX wants to make sure you’re hyped so they’ve released the video below featuring lots of dancers and interviews with Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy (yep, Mary is back), and host Cat Deeley. Check it out and then set your DVR for May 26th at 8PM ET/PT!

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May 17, 2011

SYTYCD Teams Up With American Idol

It was a match made in FOX heaven yesterday when dancers from So You Think You Can Dance paired up with singers from American Idol all in support of selling some new shows for FOX’s 2011 and 2012 seasons.

SYTYCD fan favorite Alex Wong, who probably won’t be returning to compete this season, tweeted the news along with a picture of the Idol + SYTYCD mob.

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