So You Think You Can Dance alum and last week’s all-stars, Allison Holker and Stephen “Twitch” Boss, appear to be an item, Too Much To Tivo reported.  

Just look at their Twitter feeds, which are overflowing with gushy messages.

Over the weekend Twitch Tweeted: “Date night was an absolute #success! @allisonholker you’re amazing. #ImaMadLuckyGuy.” 

 Twitch also took to Twitter to praise Allison’s performance with Ricky on SYTYCD last week. “My girlfriend is the truth. Seriously babe I’m so proud of you. You were amazing tonight. #justsaying #UinspireME #MadHard #lovelovelove” 

While I love Twitch, I always hoped she would get together with her Season 2 partner, hip-hopper Ivan.

This is one of the first love connections we’ve seen on SYTYCD. Who else do you think would make a cute couple?

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