I’m getting tired of amazing dancers disappointing week after week due to lackluster choreography. It is easy to praise the routines when they are amazing, but it is rare that the choreography is blamed when a dance fails.

Of course, this is about the contestants, but dance isn’t a solo effort. Choreographer can make or break a dance, highlighting the strength of the dancers or throwing a spotlight on their weakness. Yes, this is a show about finding America’s favorite dancers, but it is time to put a little pressure on the choreographers as well.

So,  Too Much To Tivo is turning the tables on the choreographers, each week judging their artistry, uniqueness and how well they complimented the contestants.

There were several new judges to grace the So You Think You Can Dance stage, with Justin Giles being the clear standout with his contemporary/lyrical/hip hop fusion. His routine for the top 7 boys was moving, exploring the seven stages of grief.

This week my two favorite couples, Melanie and Marko and Ryan and Ricky, were among the least impressive, with uninspiring numbers from first-time SYTYCD choreographers Ray Leeper and Chucky Klapow.

Mandy Moore once again proved what happens when all the stars align, choreographing a contemporary routine to Celine Dion’s “To Love You More” for Caitlynn and Mitchell. The right dancers, choreography and music, equals the best number of the night.

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