Too Much To Tivo is turning the tables on the choreographers, each week judging their artistry, uniqueness and how well they complimented the contestants.

Christopher Scott was the standout of the week, and in my opinion, for the season thus far. Scott choreographed a hip-hop routine for Sasha and Twitch about a relationship that’s lost its luster. While I am huge fan of Napoleon and Tabitha, Christopher Scott’s fusion of hip-hop and lyrical/contemporary has been a breadth of fresh air in Season 8.

Tyce Diorio has struggled so far this season, and his Broadway routine for Mitchell and Melody fell flat. But he redeemed himself with a jazz number danced by Ricky and Allison about waking up from a bad dream. Tyce really should stick to choreographing contemporary and jazz, where he has had the freedom to really shine.

Stacey Tookey continues to quietly wow. Her contemporary piece for Jess and Kathryn is about not being able to see what is right in front of your eyes. Jess and Kathryn make no eye contact during the piece, as Kathryn is unable to “see” Jess. While I don’t think Jess performed this dance extremely well, the choreography was so beautiful that it saved him from the bottom three.

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