Too Much To Tivo is turning the tables on the choreographers, each week judging their artistry, uniqueness and how well they complimented the contestants.

Christopher Scott had a mixed night. His hip-hop dance for Mitchell and Caitlynn was probably the worst routine of the night, but that was primarily the contestants’ faults, as they weren’t in time with each other for most of the dance. Scott attempted to tell the story of two children in Uganda that were abducted, but he should have worried more about cleaning up the steps rather than developing the story.

But Scott redemed himself with a lyrical hip hop routine for Clarice and Jesse to “Just the Way You Are.”

Spencer Liff had a weak night, with both of his Broadway routines failing to impress. His dance for Jordan and Tadd was a bit of a jumble. The use of Rent’s “Out Tonight” didn’t fit with his fairytale story.

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