Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, two of the top 14 get eliminated.  Are you ready for this?

The opening number was a Bollywood routine which was pretty fun – but did any of you notice that there were only 12 dancers?  I wonder who was missing and why.  Also missing tonight was guest judge Carmen Electra.  I wonder where she went… hmm…

The first two couples not being eliminated up for elimination tonight were Melanie & Marko and Caitlyn & Mitchell.  No drama there honestly, did anyone think they were in jeopardy?  No, I didn’t think so.

The next three couples are Ashley & Chris, Clarice & Jess and Jordan & Tadd.  I can’t imagine that anyone was caught off guard when Ashley & Chris were informed that they are in the bottom three.  The next two dancers in danger are Jordon & Tadd.  Jordon & Tadd?!  Seriously?  How in the world can that be?  They received resounding praise from the judges last night, so what could America possibly be thinking?  (No, really you guys, what were you thinking?).

The last two couples up are Ryan & Ricky and Sasha & Alexander.  The final couple in danger is Ryan & Ricky.  Are you kidding me America?  This is completely insane!  Travis agreed and said that America got it wrong for sure.

So that means that America’s bottom three couples are Ashley & Chris, Jordon & Tadd and Ryan & Ricky.  (I’m having a hard time even writing that).

After the bottom six dancers danced for their lives, we enjoyed the guest dancers from Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet followed by the haunting music of Grammy nominated Florence and The Machine who performed their song “Cosmic Love.”

Now, onto the painful portion of the night; the bottom three girls: Ashley, Jordon and Ricky stand center stage.  Nigel informed all the remaining dancers that they need to up their games if they stay.  After giving all of them very good and supportive comments, Nigel sends Ashley home.

The bottom three guys: Chris, Tadd and Ricky now take their turn on the chopping block.  After critiquing all of them, Nigel informs Chris that he is the one going home.

Even though I predicted that it would be Ashley & Chris that went home tonight, that doesn’t mean I’m glad to see them go.  I will truly miss Ashley’s ridiculously huge smile and Chris’ cool style.

What do you guys think?  Did America and the judges send the right two dancers home tonight?


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