Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance 2011, two dancers will be eliminated.  Did you hear me?  Two Dancers. Will Be. Eliminated.  Gaahh!  Like waxing your eyebrows, let’s get this over as fast as possible.

As usual, we started with the pre-Elimination dance.  The dancers danced to “On Broadway”, and, am I the only one who wished it was George Benson singing instead of what we got?  Still, I’m secretly jealous that each of these dancers does what I can’t do.

Holy Moly! Cat Deeley walked out looking like a life-size Ballerina Barbie with her mile long legs and her little short, fluffy skirt – and I’m more than secretly jealous of those stinkin’ legs!  But I digress… okay, and on with the show…

The first three contestants to face the threat of elimination were Melanie, Tadd and Mitchell.  Mitchell found himself in the bottom four and there’s not a gosh darn person in the world who thought that Melanie and Tadd were in the bottom, and of course, I’m right on this.  But golly, that was nerve wracking, huh?  Whew!

The next three up for consideration were Marko, Clarisse and Sasha.  Honestly, can we just dispense with making Melanie and Marko ever have to stand up in the elimination group?  Marko was pronounced safe, and I’m proud of you, America, I am!  Then, I’m all giddy again just getting to watch snippets of Sasha & Twitch’s a-ma-zing dance from last night – there was not a single thing wrong with that dance.  I could watch it every night (and maybe I will since I have it recorded now.  Ha!)  But again, none of them should be here, so it felt crazy when  Cat announced that the first girl in danger was Clarisse. The only possible reason for that is that America just does not appreciate the Bollywood style.  Why, oh why do they keep making the dancers perform Bollywood?  It’s just the equivalent of dance suicide.

The final group came up for results; Jordan, Caitlynn, Jess and Ricky.  Between Jess and Ricky they had to select one more guy for the bottom and America chose Ricky!  Ugh!  Okay, you guys let me down this time.  No way did Ricky deserve to be there after last night’s electrifying dance – oh people, people… do I need to scold you all?  But then again, I said that Jess did great last night…

The last two girls voted by you guys to go home tonight are Jordon and Caitlynn; I’m going to be sick either way.  Cat announced that it was Jordon.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this.  The bottom four ; Clarisse, Mitchell, Jordan and Ricky, had to dance for their lives.  Thankfully, the pressure falls ultimately to the judges and not to me.

The four bottom dancers stood hand-in-hand waiting for the worst (or the best) while Nigel stated what I’ve been feeling, which is that none of them require critiquing at this stage.  They’re all good, they all deserve to be there, and that’s what makes this so painful.  Nigel called out Mitchell and Clarisse and in one fell swoop, they’re both standing on the curb hailing a cab!  What?  Talk about short and painful – this is just impossible!  Tonight, we said goodbye to two fabulous dancers; Mitchell and Clarisse.  I can only shudder to think what next week brings.  I need to go drown my sorrows now.  What about you?

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