Tonight, we find out the results of America’s votes for So You Think You Can Dance 2011 – Top 16 Elimination.  As always, we get one last opportunity to see all of the dancers perform a group routine – which might have been really cool, but who knows since the cameramen once again decided that we need to see close ups of each individual dancer…  This is one of those times where it would have been much better to be in the audience than watching from home…  sigh…

Before we move on, can I just say I love Cat’s whole look tonight?  Love the dress (pockets in a dress are the greatest invention since the wheel) and her cool rhinestone tattoo-style necklace thing is super chic.  Okay, enough ogling the outfit; on to the dancers.

The first three couples are Melanie & Marko, Ryan & Ricky and Ashley & Chris.  Ashley & Chris are the first couple in the bottom three.  I gotta say I feel bad for them because I don’t think it’s their fault.  They were tasked with dancing that zombie thing last night and I think the choreography, costumes and make-up were quite odd and obviously, America just does not resonate with that level of strangeness.

The second three couples are: Jordon & Tadd, Sasha & Alexander and Miranda & Robert.  I know that three couples need to be in the bottom, but how in the heck are Miranda & Robert on the chopping block?  (Which is not to say that Jordon, Tadd, Sasha and Alexander should have been there either – have I mentioned that I hate this elimination part?)

Jess & Clarice and Caitlynn & Mitchell are the last two couples called up. These two couples were FANTASTIC last night – it’s shocking for me to see them in this position.  But America’s votes cannot be ignored and Caitlynn & Mitchell are informed that they are on the bottom.

I sure hope none of you fast forwarded through the guest dance that came up next because the AXIS Dance Company was truly amazing!  AXIS is a physically integrated dance company which pairs dancers with and without disabilities.  That was a complete delight.

The bottom six (Ashley, Chris, Miranda, Robert, Caitlynn and Mitchell) are now given a few minutes to prepare to dance for their lives and it is truly terrible that any of them have to go home.  I don’t like this.  I don’t like this.  I don’t like this.

Thankfully, we are treated to the physically impossible dance moves of the current U.S. and World Theatrical and Ballroom Champions while we wait.  I’m not sure I ever lifted my jaw from the floor the whole time they danced.  I mean, did you see that first lift?  OMG!  I was totally mesmerized.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  I think they may actually have defied gravity.  I don’t have enough good things to say about that phenomenal routine.

Finally, with much angst and dread, Nigel informs us that the decision to send a girl home is not a unanimous one.  But, like pulling off a band-aid, he makes it quick as he calls Miranda out and regrettably sends her home.   He spends a bit more time traumatizing the guys before he ultimately sends Robert (Mr.  Woo) home.

I love this show, but I don’t love Elimination Thursday… so, while I’m sobbing into my pillow tonight, what do you guys think?  Did they send the right couple home?

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