Tonight’s 2-Hour Live Performance of So You Think You Can Dance 2011 gave us another chance to see our Top 20 dance again.  Yay!  Tonight’s special guest judge was Debbie Reynolds.  What a treat – and honestly, is she just one of the sweetest women on the planet?

Before each couple danced tonight, we got to find out what deep, dark secrets they’ve been hiding from America.  What kinds of craziness could there be?  Are they ax murderers?  Shoplifters?  Do they leave their gum under the table in restaurants?  Well, let’s see – we found out the hair on Ryan’s legs grows really fast; that Ricky’s real name is Roderick; and that Iveta and Alexander have crushes on themselves while Miranda has a crush on Tad.  Do I hear crickets?  Anyway…

Some of the highlights for me tonight were Ryan & Ricky’s raunchy-ripped-tights-and-pasties-flyin’ routine.  Caitlynn & Mitchell’s truly powerful break up number to Adele’s “Turning Tables” made me swoon.  At some point during their dance, Mitchell hit Caitlynn in the nose, but you never knew it until they stood there getting their critiques while blood flowed down Caitlynn’s face.  Jordan & Tadd’s Viennese Waltz was gorgeous.  Their lifts were beautiful – I completely forgot he is a B-boy!  Debbie compared them to Gene Kelly and Cid Cerise.  Dang!  That’s some high praise.  But the dance that blew my mind the most tonight was Ashley & Chris’ jailhouse routine to Spencer Liff’s amazing choreography.  Makes me kinda want to take that pole out of my room and replace it with jail bars.  What?  I was motivated.

Something else that rocked my world tonight was finding out Debbie Reynolds is a cougar!  Huh?!!  Sweet little Debbie Reynolds?  I lost track of how many guys she wanted to take home with her.  I’m still dizzy from the thought of it.  She brought her squeaky clean image back around though when she treated us to a mean Woody Woodpecker impersonation.  She is truly a woman of many talents.

Well gang, after your voting tonight, three couples will be on the bottom tomorrow night and four of those six dancers will go home.  So, who were your favorites and who do you think just didn’t quite have the stuff?


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