Are you biting your nails yet?  This is it, people; the final elimination before the Finale next week.  One guy and one girl will leave tonight depending on how you all voted last night.

Tonight’s filler special guests were American Idol contestant, Pia Toscano, Bad Boys of Dance and last year’s winner, Lauren with last year’s runner up, Kent.

Each of the dancers performed a quick little solo routine just to remind us how amazing they all are.  The guys pretty much ripped it up tonight (especially Tadd and Ricky – wow!).

Before we got to the elimination, we had the chance to watch Lauren and Kent perform one of the SYTYCD Grammy-award nominated routines.  That was great!  But I didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy it because we had to go immediately into the elimination; starting with the girls.

Sasha, Caitlynn and Melanie gripped one another’ hands like their lives depended on it, waiting for Cat to deliver the news.  The first girl going into the finale was MELANIE.  That’s exactly as it should have been – good for you America, that’s some good voting there.

The guys tried to keep a stiff upper lip as they awaited the news.  The first guy going into the finale was MARKO!  Thank you America, I’m proud of you!  (FYI – these were my top two.  Just sayin’).

The remaining two girls took to the stage to find out their fate.  The second and final girl going to the finale was SASHA.  Congrats to her.  I was pretty sure after all the sudden pimping of Sasha over the past couple of weeks that this would be the result.  She’s a great dancer, no doubt – but I still preferred Caitlynn.  I’m going to miss my pretty little Caitlynn.  *sigh*

Pia Toscano performed her new single, and big, fat, ginormous shock — it wasn’t a ballad!  Still, is this why I watch SYTYCD?  No.  Not so much.  I think things like this are the reason God created fast forward.

The final two boys took to the stage to find out which of them would be the final dancer through to the finale.  I hoped and held my breath as Cat announced that TADD was the final dancer moving on.  YES!  I’m so in love with Marko and Tadd’s dancing, that I can’t imagine SYTYCD without them.

So, we had to say goodbye to Caitlynn and Ricky tonight (and not to be annoying or anything, but these are the two I predicted would go home).  They are both truly talented and amazing dancers and I hope they get snapped up quickly by some awesome dance troupes.

So guys, next week is the Finale and we will watch Marko, Melanie, Sasha and Tadd dance one last time in hopes of becoming America’s Favorite Dancer.  How do you all feel about this?  Did your favorite dancer make it to the Top 4?  (Mine did).  If not, can you see yourself rooting for one of the ones that did?  Tell me what you guys are thinking.  I’m listening…


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