We’re getting down to the wire on So You Think You Can Dance 2011 as your top six performed tonight.  This is it gang, the final performance before the finale next week.  Ack!   Each of the dancers performed three times tonight; once with an All-Star, once with a fellow dancer and a solo routine.

Tonight’s guest judges were Christina Applegate.  I didn’t know she was a dancer, but I guess she has danced her whole life – who knew? and Lil’ C (I was so glad that he brought all his crazy vocabulary with him again tonight).  Just an aside… did anybody else notice the amount of cleavage Mary was puttin’ out there tonight?  Okay, just sayin’.  Moving on…

Getting on with the dancing; first up was Melanie dancing with Twitch (love him!) to a Nappi-Tabs Hip-Hop take on Lil’ Red Riding Hood.  This wasn’t my favorite dance of Melanie’s, but I have to say, I did still enjoy it, and I love that at the end she tamed that wolf.   As expected, the judges went nuts.

Sasha was paired with All-Star Kent in a Tyce Diorio Contemporary routine.  This was really nice, as always, but is it just me, or does it seem like she dances the same style every week?  Has she ever done Ballroom, Bollywood, quick-step or anything like that?  Maybe I just don’t remember.   I did like her split on the wall, the run off the wall and the upside-down ending.  The judges gushed and cried real tears.

Marko and All-Star Jeanette teamed up for a Paso Doble choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin.  Marko was a matador tonight (did I just hear a thousand girls say, “YES!”).  Marko always makes his lifts look effortless – he’s so amazing!  And did I hear Christina say that she wanted Marko to drop his dancing down into his crotch a bit more?  I guess that’s fair considering the dance style…

Tadd and All-Star Ellenore teamed with Sonya Tayeh in a Contemporary routine.  Forgive me while I just say, “meh” I never enjoy anything Sonya choreographs.  I just don’t have anything to say other than I felt like we were peeking through the windows at something none of us should have been seeing.  There was no real dancing.  They spent half their time dangling from a chandelier.  Eh…  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills sometimes when all the judges rave over this stuff.

Ricky paired up with All-Star Jaimie in a piece choreographed by Dee Caspary.  This was a really pretty routine.  I thought that since he was given a prop (conductor’s batons) to dance with it might be awkward, but I think he did a great job tonight.

The final All-Star performance was Caitlynn paired with Pasha in a Dmitry Chaplin Samba.  I couldn’t take my eyes off that girl tonight.  I loved everything about it.  She got some nice feedback from the judges.  This was a great routine for her.  She looked beautiful, she moved her body in exceptional ways and I loved her costume.  This was a huge win for me.

The last half of the show paired the contestants with one another.

Sasha and Ricky did a Wacking Routine choreographed by Kumari Suraj.  Wacking is a crazy style that is certainly difficult for me to describe, yet, even without knowing much about it, I have to say that Sasha stood out much more than Ricky.  Ricky seemed like he was going through the motions or maybe thinking too much while Sasha seemed to own it much more.

Melanie and Tadd met up with Broadway Choreographer Spencer Liff.  This was easily the BEST DANCE of the night!  Have we ever seen them dance together before?  This was an amazing routine!  Pity the poor guy who dances with Melanie because she gets all the glory, all the kudos, all the gushing… with the judges saying, “oh, and Tadd was there too…”  Hey guys – he’s brilliant!!  Thankfully, the judges gave him some much-deserved recognition.  My favorite routine of the night!  Woo!

The last couple paired up was Marko and Caitlynn – again, I don’t think they’ve ever danced together and much to my chagrin, they had to dance a Sonya Tayeh routine.  Naturally, she positions Marko as an overbearing, horrible guy (I’m thinking Sonya has man-hate issues) – so of course I was afraid for both of them.  I can only hope all the judges gush and carry on again like they tend to do with Sonya’s other choreography.  Everything she does is filled with harshness, anger, aggression…  Thankfully, there were some great moves in this routine that really showed off both their strengths; and I was glad to hear the judges gush for them.  Whew.

So, that’s it for this week.  Ya wanna hear who my personal top 4 are?  Well, I’m gonna tell you anyway.  After tonight I was in love with Melanie, Marko, Tadd and Caitlynn.  What about you guys?  Who were your favorites tonight?  And, who do you think is going home on Thursday?



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