Sorry I’m late with this post guys – gosh darn computer wouldn’t let me post it.  I know you’ve all been biting your nails waiting for me to post, right?  Okay, here you go:

Gaahh!  You guys know how I feel about Thursday nights, right?  I hate, loathe and despise them because it means I have to watch two more amazing, talented dancers leave So You Think You Can Dance 2011.

But, like I keep saying, I prefer to deal with my pain up front and fast, kind of like my last visit to the gal that does my bikini wax…  so let’s just collectively bite our bottom lips and get this thing started.

Except this week they started with my pain – seriously?  Clowns in the opening group number?!  Now I’m going to have nightmares for a week!  Thanks Tyce!  But, once I got past the fact that the remaining eight dancers were clowns in some kind of bizarre circus of my nightmares, I actually enjoyed this routine.  Still, I better drink some warm milk before bed tonight so I fall asleep quickly and peacefully.  Sort of like a bullet to the head…

Cat must feel the way I do, because without wasting a whole lot of time, she called the first four contestants to the stage to announce last night’s decisions.  She started with the girls: Sasha, Jordan, Caitlynn, and Melanie.  Thankfully, we were treated to a recap of last night’s performances, which were simply stunning, and the amazing Melanie did it again, even in a repeat, she took my breath away with that running leap –okay, I’m back.  So, the two girls in danger tonight are Caitlynn and Jordan. Wowie!  Am I supposed to be surprised after all the pimping of Sasha last night?  No.  Not so much.  So, we find Jordan and Caitlynn on the bottom.  You know as well as I do that neither of them really deserves to be there.

The guys took the stage next; Ricky, Tadd, Jess and the Amazing Marko.  Cat pulled out Marko and Jess first and then announced that the first guy through was Marko!  YES!  Sorry, Jess, like I said, he’s actually growing on me, but please, he cannot ever stand up to Marko.  Then it was down to Ricky and Tadd.  Cat told us that Tadd (TADD!) was on the bottom this week.  Whuuuut!!!   Even after the judges attempted to make Ricky the sacrificial lamb last night???

So, America, you put Tadd and Jess, Jordan and Caitlynn on the bottom.  Again, I know someone’s gotta be there…but  have I mentioned that Thursday nights are not my fave?

They brought back the League of Extraordinary Dancers again – and it still amazes me that they are not all hooked up to cables.  These guys are truly extraordinary!  I approve.

The bottom four dancers had to dance for their lives next.  Tonight, what I was looking for was, were the dancers using any moves that they learned during the season so far?  Jordan was first and she does tend to go with her insane leg kicks (you know they’re amazing!), but I did see a little newness in there too.  Next up was Jess. Who, of course went old Broadway’ campy smile and jazz hands’ style.  Ya know, just when I was starting to like him, he went back to the old thing he was doing a few weeks ago…  Hmmm…  Caitlynn came up next and resorted to her cute, tulle-infused, costume and dance style – sorry Caitlynn, nothing new here… And the final dancer of the evening was Tadd.  Okay, although he only did his famous B-Boy, stuff, my guy did a flip off the stage and then ran a victory lap while the judges deliberated.  The rest of America watch the ever goofy judge Lady Gaga sing and perform her latest single, “The Edge…” or, “The Edge of Glory…”  Sorry, I’m not a huge Gaga fan, I don’t know the name of the song…

The judges reconvened and informed us that they were not unanimous in their decision on either choice tonight because all the dancers are truly amazing and worthy. So, here comes the pain point.  Brace yourselves:

My beloved Jordan was sent home tonight.  Suffice it to say that I was nearly in tears when I watched the old tape of Jordan dancing and Tyce saying that Jordan was a “Naughty, naughty, naughty girl…”  SYTYCD needs to let me know personally, when Jordan signs a fabulous contract.  Okay SYTYCD?  Okay?

The guys were next, Jess and Tadd – Nigel announced that Tadd would be moving on and Jess would be the guy going home; which, a few weeks ago would have been okay with me, but now, after getting to know the guy and see him improve, is kind of difficult.  Even though I never did think he would take it all the way, I’m kind of sad and I might even miss his Jazz Hands…

So, the two dancers leaving SYTYCD tonight are Jordan and Jess.  That leaves just Caitlynn, Sasha and Melanie for the girls and Ricky, Tadd and Marko for the guys.

Let’s just be honest here; who of you thinks that the top two won’t be Melanie and Marko?  Make your case now.  Lemme hear ya!



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