It’s getting down to the wire on So You Think You Can Dance 2011 as the Top 8 dancers performed tonight.  This time the 8 were paired up again with a professional and with each other.  Your guest judges this evening were multi-award winning choreographer and film director, Rob Marshall and the always strange and bizarre, Lady Gaga.

Sasha and Pasha were the first dancers out and were choreographed by Jonathan Roberts in a Quick Step.   The Quick Step is usually the kiss of death, but these two nailed it.

Caitlynn and Ivan danced a Hip-Hop number choreographed by Marty Kudelka.  Have we seen Caitlynn do a hip hop number?  I was surprised and pleased that this routine had so much connection between the two of them.  I liked it.  I also have to say that I don’t think I realized what a great booty Caitlynn had until I saw her in jeans.

Jordan was up next partnered with Ide (sorry if I spelled that wrong) choreographed by Tyce Diorio in a hot Jazz number.  This number really showcased her flexibility and her amazing legs.  Nice!

Melanie and Neal were given a number by Mandy Moore.  Melanie always leaves me breathless when she dances, but that running leap was beyond words; phenomenal, amazing, brilliant, insane!

Next up was Ricky dancing Jive with Anya and choreographed by Jason Gilkison.  This was a great routine; the only thing I would say is that the one lift that looked like he struggled a bit with it.

Jess and Lauren teamed up to dance a Tabitha and Napoleon number.  Jess has grown on me so much in the past few weeks; from his overly cheesy Broadway jazz hands to having an actual coolness factor.  This was a well done routine.

On to Tadd who got partnered this week with the amazing Lauren Froederman with choreographer Mandy Moore.  Unfortunately, this is one of those routines where having a prop didn’t pay off.  Tadd dropped his hat and had to continue on without it for a while which was quite distracting.  But, in spite of that we still got to see just what an amazing dancer he is.

Marko and Allison worked with choreographer Sonya Tayek in a Contemporary routine that initially scared me because America (myself included) just has not responded well to any of her choreography so far.  But surprisingly, this routine was actually quite beautiful and did showcase Marko’s strength and versatility as a dancer.  This dance brought the crowd to its feet and lady Gaga to tears.  Marko took a moment to recognize his mom who flew in from Guam to see him dance live for the first time.  His declaration of love for his mom made just about everyone tear up, including Nigel.  It was quite a moment.  Marko is a class act all the way.

The second half of the show paired the contestants up with each other again.  Caitlynn and Tadd paired up for a Foxtrot with their choreographer Jonathan Roberts.  Gotta say, best costumes of the night; so completely Fred & Ginger – I’m swooning.  It’s impossible to imagine that Tadd is a B-boy.

Marko and Ricky joined forces in a rippin’ Napi-Tabs Hip-Hop number that will have me thinking differently about ‘waste technicians’ from now on.   Those boys know how to move!  Loved it!!  Nigel predicted that Ricky might be in the bottom three after his routines tonight.  That seems shocking, but then again, someone has to be in the bottom three…  I guess we’ll see.

Jordan and Jess danced a Rumba choreographed by Jason Gilkison.  This was a nice piece.  Jess completed a really beautiful lift, which has not been his strong point.  The judges seemed split on their impressions – so this will be another case where America will need to decide.

The final two to dance tonight were Melanie and Sasha in a Jazz routine designed by Sonya Tayek.  Sorry gang if you like this style, but I just don’t so I don’t have anything good to say about it.  This was typical Sonya stuff; rough, choppy, angry and masculine.   Nevertheless, they got a standing O for that crazy thing.  Lady Gaga threw one of her shoes up on the stage in celebration and everyone made quite a fuss.  I just scratched my head.

I think each judge announced which dancer was their favorite to win the whole thing and I know who my top two are, but what do you guys say?  Who is your favorite and who do you think will go home tomorrow night?


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