Thursday night was SYTYCD 2011 Elimination Round One – or was it Round Two?  Anyway, Thursday night was the first elimination so far in Season 8 of SYTYCD.

But before we address the eliminations, just a shout out to the cameramen.  You guys are making me crazy on the opening number!  I’m a huge fan of creative camera work and all, but when there is such cool choreography as we had Thursday night from Dave Scott, could ya do me a favor and keep the camera angles to a minimum?   A 20-person dance troupe is meant to be seen from a distance by one or two direct or even overhead angles.  Not 16 close ups.  Okay, enough said.  On to the elimination.

Cat Deeley (and her impossibly long legs) called up the first three couples; Missy & Wadi, Caitlynn & Mitchell and Sasha & Alexander.  A quick video recap of their dances, and she informs us that Missy & Wadi are in the bottom three (of course, we’re not surprised, since two of the judges raked Wadi over the coals Wednesday night).

Then for some strange reason the producers decide we needed to see a Sports Nutritionist bit with the dancers – oh yea, I get it.  A promo spot for that colorful sports drink.  What’s the name of it again?

The next three couples are called up: Miranda & Robert, Melanie & Marko and Jordan & Tadd.  This actually is a bit of a nail biter – cuz how could any of them be on the bottom?  Hold your breath with me – they’re not!  Whew!  Those six are safe.

The next group called up are Iveta & Nick, Ashley & Chris, Ryan & Ricky and Clarice & Jess.  Ashley & Chris (my favorites from Wednesday night) and Clarice & Jess are declared safe.  Ashley & Chris I can see, but Jess?  Seriously?  He had such a hard time lifting Clarice that he made her look big – and we all know that ain’t true.  Oh well, don’t get your hopes too high up for Jess, he won’t be around much longer.  Then we hear that Iveta & Nick are in the Bottom 3 – which makes me have to ask is it because they didn’t dance well, or does America just not appreciate the Bollywood style?  Also in danger are Ryan & Ricky.  What?!  Are you people nuts?!  How could those two be in the bottom.  Aargh!

So, the bottom three couples are Missy & Wadi, Iveta & Nick and Ryan & Ricky.

The bottom six dance for their lives and truly a couple of them ripped it up!

I’m not even going to address the awful filler performance by LMFAO.  Can you say ‘fast forward’?

Here it is.  The moment we’ve been waiting for.  The girls are called up and the judges tell us that they decided to keep Ryan which means that Iveta (10 time World Champion Ballroom Dancer) and Missy (the other sexy dancer) are going home.  I don’t love that, but I do love Ryan, so okay, I can deal.

On to the elimination of the boys – Nigel says of Ricky that he truly danced for his life and was successful (and so he was!) which means that Nick (tap dance your heart out) and Wadi (fluidity and grace) are eliminated (tears!).

I confess, I don’t love this elimination part – these dancers all are truly talented.  But I guess I gotta suck it up, cuz that’s how this show rolls.

So, what do you guys think?  Do you agree with the judges on who they sent home?  If not, who do you think it should have been and why?


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