So You Think You Can Dance 2011 winner

So, after three months of dancing their little feet off, one of the Top 4 will be named America’s Favorite Dancer tonight on So You Think You Can Dance Season 8.

After last night’s finale, it truly could be anyone’s game.  The Top 4: Melanie, Marko, Sasha and Tadd all had their incredible moments as well as their weak points.  So, it’s up to you, America, who did you say was your favorite dancer?  Let’s find out.

We started with an awesome, powerful opening number featuring the original 16 top dancers along with the Top 4.  And it was a Sonya Tayeh routine that was really enjoyable.  I’m happy.

Tonight’s judges were a conglomeration of all the biggest, brightest, weirdest and most involved choreographers of the season : Lil’C, Robin Antin, Tyce Diorio, Sonya Tayeh, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the Queen of Scream, Mary Murphy and Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.  I was impressed and quite blown away by Nigel apologizing to the guys especially, but all the dancers for his insensitive comments last night.  That shows tremendous grace and humility.  Probably what makes him a great Executive Producer.

The judges had the opportunity to require command performances of their favorite routines of the season.  Color me happy because I am hoping to see the sexy husband and wife routine by Sasha and Twitch, the Jailhouse routine featuring Ashley, the one where Melanie takes that running, diving leap into her partner’s arms, the Melanie & Marko kiss routine, the Melanie & Marko cheating routine where she rips his clothes off and a few others.  I wish I could quickly and honestly recall them all – but I can’t and I hope it doesn’t matter to you guys.  Just please, please let them call back all my favorite routines of the season.  (Does that sound selfish?)

The first routine requested by Mary Murphy was the Sasha & Kent wall routine which was just as good tonight as it was orignally.  Nigel wanted to see Melanie & Marko’s kiss routine again (yay!).  Robin chose the Tadd & All-Star Lauren “Another One Bites the Dust” spy routine.  Lil’C selected the hair-ripping, neck-breaking, buck-inducing Napi Tabs Miranda & All-Star Robert Hip-Hop routine.   (not one of my faves, but okay).  Cat even got to choose a routine – she chose the Top 8 Circus Routine.  I’m kind of surprised by that, but I guess just because I’m not a huge fan of circus clowns, so this was kind of frightening to me.  Seeing it again tonight though was more Cirque du Soleil than Stephen King, “IT”.  Much better the second time.  Not nearly as scary.

We got the chance to enjoy a big time rockin’ tap routine with Jess and Nick and Matt Flynn (UK’s Favorite Dancer) in a great routine.  I loved it.

Then Mary got to choose another favorite routine with Melanie and Neil’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” (aka – the enormous running, leaping dive routine.)  Could I be happier?  Not sure I could.  I love, L. O. V. E., love this routine.  This routine alone should win Melanie the prize.  (Oops, did I say that out loud just now?)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson decided his favorite routine was Sonya Tayeh’s Contemporary number with Marko and All Star Allison (the one that made Lady Gaga cry her eyes out and Marko apologize to his sweet mother).  It was so good.  Tyce’s selected routine was the Sonya Tayeh Geisha all girls routine.  Hmm, sort of disappointed surprised by that, but okay…

At this point, Cat announced that it was Results time.  The first result… someone is going home now.  This was so awful, I could hardly stand it.  Cat announced that the fourth place dancer was TADD.  Tadd?!  I was not-so-secretly hoping that he might take the whole thing.  I thought he danced better last night than the entire season.  I’m sorry he didn’t win it, but I hope and pray that this amazing show man gets picked up immediately but some great dance troupe somewhere.  I am going to genuinely and sincerely miss that boy.  Way to go, Tadd.  So proud of, and impressed by you!

Back to the command performances again – Lil’C gets to choose another dance.  This time he chose one of my season favorites, the Ashley and Chris Jailhouse Routine.  (Thank you Lil’C, you made me a happy girl).  Nigel chose the next routine to bring back; the Sasha & Twitch over-sexed breakfast routine.  Woo-hoo!  I absolutely loved, loved, loved this routine by Christopher Scott.  (Thank you Nigel).   That routine was A-MA-ZING!  So Hot!  I think the entire nation probably needed a cold shower just then…

Sonya was next to choose her favorite routine of the season.  She chose the guys’ Chris Scott “Doors/Matrix” routine.  I loved this one and I’m so happy to see it again (thank you, Sonya).  (By the way, how hard must it have been for Tadd to dance in this routine after having just been eliminated?).

Jesse got to choose another favorite routine and this time he picked Caitlynn and All-Star Pasha’s Argentine Tango.  Thank you, Jesse, because I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed that routine and the lovely Caitlynn.  Next up, Mary chose Marko & Melanie’s “Return to Stone” statue routine.  Another one of my favorites.  By  the way, that should be your Top Two right there.  Melanie & Marko.  (Okay, that’s just my opinion).

At this point, Cat called Sasha to join them for the next result…  The next dancer to leave was MARKO.  Whoa!  Marko!  I kept saying that it could be any of the four of them, but is it wrong to say that I loved Marko and would have been just as happy to see him win the whole thing?  (Have I said that before?).  What a fine dancer and fine person Marko is.  I truly wish him all the very best.

So that leaves the girls; Melanie and Sasha.  Sasha and Melanie.  Your top two.  So, America – who did you elect?  We still had a few moments to wait before we found out.

The final judge’s pick went to Executive Producer, Nigel who chose the Melanie and Sasha Contemporary routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  This was certainly not one of my favorites, but it did showcase the strengths and abilities of both of these women.  Honestly, they are both so amazing; it could go to either one of them.  Either way, we have been blessed to see the talents and abilities of these two talented, beautiful women.  Cat informed us that this year’s champion got 47% of America’s vote – America’s Favorite Dancer is MELANIE!

MELANIE wins the whole thing (my sister will be so happy, Melanie has been her choice since the beginning).  That’s awesome!  That’s appropriate!  That’s right!  Thank you America!  This was a gorgeous, tough, amazing season and one phenomenal dancer was just a bit above the rest of this talented group.  Everyone, raise your glasses and toast America’s Favorite Dancer – MELANIE!

Good night everyone.


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