So far you guys have been great about letting me know your favorite routines. Or in some cases just “Anything danced/choreographed by [blank]” which is fun. But makes my decision making hard. Stop putting pressure on me, guys!


There have been a few I’ve heard repeatedly, so why don’t we just get those out of the way first.

I don’t think there has ever been as dynamic a moment as there was during this first Hip Hop routine. It was the one that was requested the most, so far. Obviously, I love this show, and I love the Hip Hop numbers. But something about this one just was bigger than the show itself. People I know who don’t watch the show watch it repeatedly. It transcended SYTYCD. It transcended the choreographers, Tabitha and Napoleon (aka NappyTabs). And it transcended the dancers. Even though Alex left with a torn Achilles a week or so later (ouchies) this dance alone (even though he had a few other greats) were enough to make the audience essentially demand he be an all-star in later seasons. So here it is… Outta My Mind. (For some reason, every version of this particular dance has had embedding disabled. I know. Lame.)

The other popular choice was another NappyTabs routine – those two are okay. It basically turned Lyrical Hip Hop into the one of the more popular styles on the show. For me, it was the first routine that I can remember that completely changed how I heard the song associated with it. I can’t hear “Bleeding Love” without trying to do some of the moves Mark and Chelsie did so perfectly during Season 4 (arguably the best season). Related: no one ever look at me when “Bleeding Love” is on. It’s embarrassing.



So there you have the two most popular requests, so far. Keep the requests coming!! I’ll have more soon leading up to So You Think You Can Dance Season 1o!

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