Hola! Hope y’all are enjoy this beautiful Cinco de Mayo. At least, it is beautiful where I am in the Pacific Northwest. If it’s not beautiful where you are – you should move here, I guess.


Since I’m sitting in the sunshine enjoy Latin-inspired treats, I thought it would make sense to transfer that inspiration to today’s post. 

Granted, these are Latin dances, not Mexican dances. But I’m guessing if you sip on that Margarita or enjoy a yummy chip with some Guacamole, you’ll forgive me and just go with it. The point is, I’m feeling very Latin Ballroom today, so here are a few.

To start, requested by my friend, Melissa, Courtney and Gev dancing a Rumba. Side note: Courtney was so amazing. And sooooo pretty. It’s almost difficult to look at her.

Danny Tidwell is one of my biggest “WHYYYY’s” of SYTYCD. No offense to Sabra, but Tidwell was ROBBED. He could do anything. Including make Sara, the Hip Hop Girl dance the hell out of an Argentine Tango. Here are Danny and Sara!

The Paso Doble is probably my favorite of the Latin Ballroom dances. I just love the intensity. So here are two. Why? Because I’m in charge and I can! I’m drunk with power!

First, because it’s been requested several times, Power Couple, Jeanine and Brandon, with their Matrix inspired outing.

And then because it is my favorite Paso in all 9 seasons of STYCYD – Lindsay and Cole. Gives me chills every time. Also happens every time: me saying “Daaaaaaamn” when I watch.

Kathryn was one of my favorites because I could rarely remember her name that season, yet she made a huge impression. I’m not going to lie, this Samba she danced with Ryan may have also made the list because of this shirtlessness. You’re welcome, ladies.

Now I know what you’re thinking… “What the heck Melissa? Are you seriously about to do a whole post looking back at ballroom and NOT include Pasha and Anya?!?” Of course I’m not. How dare you question me like that. I thought we were closer than that.

To get over this little spat, let’s sip our Margaritas and watch The Best Ballroom Dancers Ever preform a Cha Cha. Unfortunately, this one has embedding disabled. But please, click this link to watch. Those two are remarkable.

Enjoy the rest of your Cinco de Mayo! Be safe!

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