Ever have one of those days where you just feel the need to defend the arts to people? I get those a lot. I think it’s become worse since my kids are in a school where having an art teacher is not a given but something the Parent/Teacher organization needs to decide to fund. I get nervous every year someone is going to take it away.

the earth without art

So since I’m in an artsy mood and I can’t create much in the way of art myself (even my stick figures leave something to be desired), I thought we’d celebrate a few of the more artistic outings from So You Think You Can Dance.

The first is just from last season. A Stacey Tookey routine that was danced by one of season 9’s winners, Eliana Girard and All-Star, Alex Wong. When I watch, I often take notes so I can write something up after each dance or even just type while watching. I don’t think I moved during this dance.

The next is from many seasons ago, but it has always stuck with me. Wade Robson is, simply, a genius. I think even into Season 3, people never thought a B-Boy was going to be able to be successful outside of that genre but Wade’s Jazz routine with Hok and Jaimie blew that idea away. The Hummingbird and Flower is one of the most memorable routines to grace the stage. It took dance to a new level for the show.

Last but not least by any measure is a Travis Wall routine that I almost saved for the last day before the finale because it may be my favorite. I reserve the right to call others my favorite over the next week. Sorry. It’s like Sophie’s Choice. Anyway, Melanie Moore is my girl. From the moment her audition video started to play I knew I loved her, and the minute she started dancing her audition, I knew she’d win. When she came out and did this routine with her partner, Marko, I’m pretty sure the rest of the audience knew she would win too. So the last video for today, and one of the most requested ones from you guys is Turn to Stone aka The Statue Dance



Hope you enjoyed this one. Go promote the arts today! And since it’s National Teachers Week, go thank an Art teacher or a Dance teacher or any teacher. Even a Physics teacher. And to the many, many teachers in my life (family, friends, teachers I’ve had, teachers my kids have had) – Thank you.

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