Sometimes, you just need a good cry, you know what I mean? Just to let it out – to cleanse out all the sadness and the negativity. SYTYCD has certainly provided us with more than a few outlets for that exact need.


So for today’s So You Think You Can Dance look back – my top 4 favorite dances to cry to.

The first one was popular among my requests for favorite routines. Melissa and Ade were a wonderful pair. I loved her not just because her name is awesome but because she was, relatively, old. At 29 she was the oldest contestant on the show, but that didn’t slow her down. A beautiful ballerina who had a one of the best male partners on the show, Ade, at her side did a moving piece from Tyce Diorio in honor of his friend who was suffering from breast cancer.

The next piece is one of my favorites. But also my least favorite because it forever changed the song, Gravity, for me. If I hear it I will start to cry. Even in the middle of the grocery store. It’s Pavlovian. But it was just such an intense and beautiful dance about addiction from Mia Michaels, danced by Kayla and Kupono.

Unfortunately, the other two have embedding disabled, but I still need to share them.

First is Allison and Alex dancing a Sonya Tayeh routine. I mean, really, does anyone not cry when they hear the song Hallelujah? It was just gorgeous. Here’s the link.

The other is a Travis Wall routine that is another that has changed the song for me. Fix You, danced by Robert and Allison (her again! She’s alright) was a dance for Travis’s mother who was in the hospital. Allison is just a whole other level of female dancer on this show. She brings more to her role than moves – she brings body and soul. Just adore her. Here’s the dance.

Check back tomorrow for more!

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