Over the course of this look back series, when I’ve asked you all to name your favorite routines, pairs, or dancers, there has been one name that I have seen far and away more than the rest of them. And that person is….

so you think you can dance season 10

Stephen “Twitch” Boss.  So here is a look at a few of your favorite Twitch outings.

You may not remember this, but back in Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance, Twitch missed making the show during the final cut to Hok. But he came back, better than ever, and ready to play.

Of course this time he made it through to Vegas and then through to the live shows. From there he soon proved that he was more than an insanely talented B-Boy.  For the first several weeks he was paired with Kherington, the pair adorably called themselves Twitchington. His fan base grew exponentially with this Mia Michaels contemporary routine, Dreaming With A Broken Heart.

As it turned out, getting Mia Michaels as a choreographer was a good luck charm for Twitch that season. Later, as the couples started to get mixed up, he was paired with his old friend, Katee, to do another Mia routine. One that would become a SYTYCD classic.


Twitch made it to the finale, and while he ultimately lost to Joshua (and really – no one was complaining. Joshua, Katee, Twitch – Season 4 was the best season), the two guys did get to do a dance together than put a whole new level of power on what the male pairing dances could bring.


Twitch went on to star in the Step Up franchise and then when So You Think You Can Dance decided to mix it up and add the All-Star aspect, he was, naturally, called back on a yearly basis. So here are a few of those:

Embedding was disabled on Twitch and Lauren’s My Chick Bad, but I had to link to it.

Now, SYTYCD has done than just provide many dancers with exposure and a chance to have an amazing career. It has also turned into a bit of a match-making business. While it took a few years for them to figure it out, Twitch and Allison Holker started dating a couple years ago, and recently (while on set for that HP commercial you may have spotted them in) they became engaged. Twitch, Allison (and her adorable daughter Weslie) are the perfect little SYTYCD family. I look forward to rooting for their dancing child win SYTYCD Season 30.

And while this may have been performed on that other dancing show, I had to include one of Twitch and his lady love, Allison…


Twitch is one of the all-time favorites of So You Think You Can Dance fans for a reason. He’s talented beyond expectations and he is just a genuinely good guy. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the table for this latest set of dancers on So You Think You Can Dance Season 10!

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