It’s baaaaaack! So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 is finally here, y’all! SYTYCD started it’s two night premiere in Los Angeles at the famous Orpheum Theater.

Getting ready for auditions. Photos courtesy of FOX

Getting ready for auditions. Photos courtesy of FOX

Here’s a glimpse of what happened with Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Guest Judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson at the judging table.


So, I’m going to be honest – like I mentioned I was out for most of this evening, so I did not get to watch live like I normally do (and plan to for the rest of the season), so tonight’s recap will be a short one.

In fact, it’s so short, I just want to really focus on one dancer because he woke me up after a long and stressful 36 hours.

Du-Shaunt “Fik-shun” Stegall, a street performer from Las Vegas was our first outing for So You Think You Can Dance Season 10, and it was a great one to have. He was confident, but not cocky. He was talented and entertaining. And he had that bit of wide-eyes wonder about him – he didn’t even realize that the second stage of auditions was in Vegas! – that is just utterly charming. While these things are edited, so Du-Shaunt may not have been the first to actually perform, he was certainly a wonderful start to the season. I’ve missed the magic of seeing these dancers on stage, especially those who seem completely unaware of the power of what they are doing.

Four others made it through to Vegas in this episode, Malece Miller (contemporary dancer from Salt Lake), Taylor Ward (who had an emotional and tough journey as she made her way to Vegas via choreography and a knee injury),   Paul Karmiryan (he won the Armenian version of the series!), and Elijah Laurant (and his tutu).

It was nice to be back in the swing. And really nice to see Cat Deeley just be Cat Deeley. I want to hang out with her.

Tomorrow night – A full review! I promise!

Until then, let’s all just rejoice that So You Think You Can Dance is BACK!



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