The second hour of So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Premiere aired tonight. The audition tour headed to Motor City for the first time ever. Something tells me SYTYCD Detroit is going to be a bit bizarre.

Nigel being... Nigel. (Photo courtesy of Fox)

Nigel being… Nigel. (Photo courtesy of Fox)

Based on this pic of head judge, Nigel Lythgoe, I think I may be right.

Joining Nigel at the table is, of course, Mary Murphy, and for the first time, Twitch!  We all know how much I (and the rest of you) love Twitch! I’m so excited to see what he brings as a judge. He is so smart and so passionate about all parts of dance that I think he’s going to be great.

Let’s do a run down of everyone that was highlighted:

Jade Zuberi: This guy is one of those special b-boy/popper/animator types that is just so good Nigel doesn’t want to stop the music. He was fascinating. I mean, the guy was playing what sounded a bit like Muzak as his music but it was somehow still strong and badass. Twitch was just so happy this was the way things started for him. He of course went to VEGAS!

Amy Yakima: Amy tells an adorable story of making her doctor father eventually take “Dad Jazz” class with her when she was a kid. When Nigel hears this the man nearly does a flip in excitement because it means he can make Dad come down and dance while Amy sits at the table to watch Dad do some sweet, sweet Dad Jazz moves. I love those moments.  After all of that, it would have been a let down if Amy wasn’t that great. Thankfully, her routine was amazingly dynamic (Dad Jazz cried). Her music was very powerful, and it would have been easy for it to almost over power her dance, but she matched it in her strength and perfection. (PS – I just finished typing this and then listened to judging. Twitch said the same thing I did about the music. Now I love him even more.) Of course – VEGAS.

Morgan “Mo” Williams: Mo started by saying he was better than Twitch? Which… no. Stop. Don’t say things like that. It made even less sense when he started dancing contemporary. But… whatever. He was very good. Good enough that when Nigel said “Yes to choreography” Mary climbed over him and grabbed a ticket to Vegas for Morgan. Who immediately went crying to his Mama. Love it. I didn’t love his attitude exactly, but nerves can sometimes lead to unfortunate first impressions. He was good, but didn’t stand out. We’ll see what happens when he hits VEGAS.

Next we get a segment on a local dance style called “Detroit Jit.” Part of me gets annoyed when we have these because I just miss my Cat Deeley who we have seen for maybe 2 seconds so far, and I’d rather more of her than these segments. But I do love getting to know more about all kinds of dance, so it’s nice. I just wish we had more time for both. Anyway, Jitting is described by one local as “fancy footwork, fast feet, fast arms and a lot of attitude.” It’s a form of street dancing. It’s fun to watch. Will it lead to a ticket to Vegas for someone? Thankfully before we find out we get to see Cat try out some Jitting. It’s as adorable as you would think.

Will “Sysko” Green: This Jitter (?) is, for one, a 27 year old wearing a Varsity jacket. Is this a thing that the kids are doing nowadays? Anyway, Sysko was a lot of fun and his routine had the crazy sense of humor he does. That sense of humor came out especially when he says he can hip roll and invites Mary on stage for a demonstration that veers a little close to a lap dance. Mary’s face as this is happening to her is only topped by Twitch laughing so hard I think he may pee. As often happens with these sorts of dancers, Sysko is asked to stay for choreo. When he got there, he started to freestyle which really upset Nigel because his partner could have been hurt so he let him go. Cat then showed he reason she is the BEST HOST EVER — she made Sysko smile again. GIVE HER AN EMMY, DAMMIT.

After making it through the first full day of auditions, the audience is treated to some Twitch moves. He is just SO. FREAKING. GOOD. And the only thing that could have topped his epic solo performance – Nigel and Mary flashing that 4 fingers to the shoulder move and Nigel yelling out, “Season 4, baby.” Because Season 4 is the best Season and there is no arguing, so don’t bother.

Garrett Frye: And in the “adorable and fun, but not making it on the show” portion of the evening, Garrett gave everyone a smile and a laugh. But off he went, leaving everyone feeling good after watching his “hip-hop” moves.

Moving on to day two…

Tyrone Cobham, Jr.: A tap dancer! Rainbows shoot out of Nigel’s eyes in delight. And then when he was just amazing  I thought Nigel may actually set off confetti canons that he keeps under the table for moments just like that. It makes me happy to see because I love tap. I feel like he could be like a Gregory Hines. He’s charming and just so talented. I just hope it will translate elsewhere, since often tappers get lost when they have do use their upper body. However let’s not think of that right now because, much to the delight of the audience – VEGAS!

The next montage section was more about the cheering sections all the dancers brought. Culminating in an adorable Asian Grandma doing Gangnam Style with Nigel, Mary and Twitch. What is even happening anymore?

 Darryl “Smilez” Harrell: If you expected things to get normal from here – well, maybe ignore the first part of Darryl’s story. He’s a male exotic dancer. As are the rest of his crew, all of who auditioned. I think learning from the whole Dragon House thing, they want to see a whole crew dance individually before deciding who will make it in.  So a few more auditioned and then we saw…

DeFonte “Prince Charming” Thomas”: Embracing the male exotic dancer role, he had no shirt on. Nigel made note of it, but really, there have been some male contemporary dancers that have been wearing something that barely qualified as a speedo. DeFonte at least had on jeans. His performance, like the rest, were a lot of fun. The 5 members of the crew come up, and the two that we got to see were sent to choreography. It was tough, as expected. Smilez was cut, but faked out someone in the lobby with a piece of paper. Prince Charming didn’t have to fake anyone out though, because – VEGAS.

Next week Minnie Driver is the guest judge, but I don’t want to talk about her. The Exorcist is back!!! And he has a cute child with him! Who also does the dance! I’m crying just thinking about it! I don’t have enough exclamation points to express how excited I am for this!!! YAY!!!!!

Thanks for being so awesome about my mini-recap last night and for joining me again tonight! Hit the comments to let me know what you thought.

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