The elimination rounds of So You Think You Can Dance 2011 are getting more painful with each passing week. So, who’s it gonna be tonight? Next week, all the couples get split up and have to draw the name of a new partner. But we still need to deal with the reality of tonight and which two are leaving.

The opening number featured Jordan? Yes, please! This number was a hot, sexy, Spanish-inspired freestyle and I for one, was hooked! I could watch an hour of that, alone. But I suppose we need to get on with the elimination, right?

I’m the kind of person who wants to get my pain out of the way as quickly as possible, so, as painful as it was, we discover that the first couple in jeopardy is Caitlynn & Mitchell. Sadly, I think it was due to that emotional Hip-Hop routine that just sort of fell flat. Clarice & Jess are sent to safety while we all bite our fingernails for Caitlynn & Mitchell. (chomp. chomp…)

The next group of couples brought to the stage are Melanie & Marko (we were treated to a quick review of their dances last night which were amazing and should prove as solid evidence to us that these two are not in jeopardy) and Ryan & Ricky. I personally thought their Broadway movie routine was lovely, but the judges didn’t care for it. Melanie & Marko are safe, of course. Ryan & Ricky are back on the bottom again.

Jordan & Tadd and Sasha & Alexander are the last two couples called up. Jordon & Tadd have been in the bottom twice before – but not tonight, they’re not! That means for the first time ever, Sasha & Alexander have to dance for their lives. That’s a bit of a shocker, right?

So, here it is. The bottom six are: Caitlynn, Mitchell, Ryan, Ricky, Sasha and Alexander.

Now, onto the filler routine which is Jason Samuel Smith’s Dance Company, “Anybody Can Get It”. But, this is kind of different – a tap group that is also a rap group. What the heck? I’m kind of a sucker for tap. I really enjoyed that.

The individual Dance for Their Lives routines are up next and forgive me if I bring this up, but didn’t Nigel say last week that the dancers needed to do more than just bring their own dance styles into play, but also kick it up a notch and incorporate some of what they have picked up during the season? Not sure I saw that with any of them. But, ack! Could any of us ask any more of these dancers? Maybe I’m getting soft here, but these guys are just so stinkin’ amazing! I’m so glad I’m not a judge.

While we waited for the judges to deliberate, we had to watch Nicole Scherzinger pretend to sing for us. Meh. I’m just not a fan of this stuff. Let’s get on to the good stuff. Well, the tough stuff anyway.

Three lovely and talent girls stand center stage as Nigel tells us they are unanimous in their decision. Caitlynn, Ryan and Sasha are going crazy waiting for the results. Nigel informed us that the girl leaving tonight is Ryan. It was evident on her face the whole time that she knew it was her. Sorry for Ryan, but doors have still been opened for her, right?
The boys are next. Mitchell, Ricky and Alexander hear that the judges are not unanimous in their decision as Nigel delivers the critique and difficult news that even though he did very well last night, Alexander is going home tonight.

So, the dancers leaving tonight are Ryan and Alexander. It’s so difficult to see any of them go home at this point, but that’s what the show is about. I have to keep reminding myself that only one of them is going to win. But that doesn’t change the fact that elimination is still hard for me. *sniff, sniff…*

What do you guys think? Did the judges make the right decision?

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