Well, the SYTYCD judges have shaken things up again.  As they’ve done in past seasons, the judges surprised the viewers tonight by doing something unprecedented: They made the decision not to eliminate anyone from the competition tonight.  Reasons why the judges made this call weren’t exactly clear, but we can guess that perhaps it was because Mitchell, who has never had a chance to compete due to his injury, would have been sent home.  Because no one was eliminated tonight, two couples will be sent home next week.

Aside from Mitchell, the dancers in the bottom three tonight were Clarice & Jess (Broadway), Jordan & Tadd (Afro-jazz), and Miranda & Robert (Latin jive).  The bottom seven performed solos as usual, but Mitchell and Robert were asked to perform their solos a second time, another unprecedented move.

Several announcements were made on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance show, including the fact that Lady Gaga will be a guest judge this season.  Additionally, Nigel announced that National Dance Day will take place for the second year in a row, on July 30th.

The guest performance “Lose Control” from Keri Hilson was a bit underwhelming, in my opinion.  Likewise, I’m not sure why Lady Gaga’s new music video “The Edge of Glory” debuted tonight.  Is this all the producers could think of?  Compared to something like the captivating dance solo from Jordan tonight, I found both of these celebrity-centric features dull.  Bring back more dancing, and less….other stuff.

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