One of my only issues with the recent seasons of SYTYCD is in an effort to push through the audition rounds quickly, the interaction between host, Cat Deeley, and the auditioners has taken a back seat. Besides her “Welcome to [insert city here]!” intros, we barely see her.

So in an effort to keep Cat Deeley in our lives while SYTYCD finds its Season 9 Dancers, let’s take a look at what else she is up to…

Deeley is arguably one of (if not the) best reality show host out there right now. She pulls off the right blend of keeping control of the show, supporting the dancers, and entertaining the audience. It is clear each season the contestants love her.  Last summer she posted some pictures to her twitter of a pool party at her house with a large group of current and past contestants. Cat Deeley is, as they say, the bees knees. (What does that mean?!)

So given her amazing talents for hosting, it’s not too surprising that Fox tapped her to host a second show – this summer’s dating show, The Choice. Think The Voice (spinning chairs!) plus The Dating Game (blind dates). But a celebrity edition. Using just their words ladies will vie for dates with the likes of such celebrities as Rocco DiSpirito, Dean Cain, Joe Jonas and Pauly D. The show doesn’t sound like my kind of thing, but I love when Cat Deeley giggles, and something tells me she will be doing a lot of that on this show. It premieres June 7th.

One of the things Deeley has become best known for on So You Think You Can Dance is her wardrobe. Finding out the weekly dances is sometimes not as exciting as it is to see what Cat Deeley is wearing. So last season she hosted a webseries through her Facebook called Inside the Dressing Room. It became popular enough that it is now a series on Yahoo Screen. She gives tips on style and fashion while interviewing different beauty and style experts. The first episode is available now.

Soon Cat Deeley will be back walking across the stage and introducing the “jidges” and I for one can’t wait.

But in the meantime, be sure to catch her in these two shows and enjoy watching the So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 auditions every Wednesday night at 8pm on Fox.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae


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