Just for a little extra fun, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite choreographers from the past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. Over this season I’ll take a look back at some that will be back for SYTYCD Season 9 and some that we haven’t seen for awhile. And, hey, I’m all for audience participation. If there’s one you want me to write about, hit that nifty comment section at the bottom!

First up…. my favorite, Travis Wall. (It’s my blog post so my favorite goes first. Drunk with power!!) 

I’m sure most of you know that Travis started out as a contestant on Season 2, and was the runner up, coming in second to Benji Schwimmer. However, it is a dance that he was in, along with partner, Heidi Groskreutz, that earned choreographer, Mia Michaels an Emmy that year.


Then, to prove it is a family affair, his brother, Danny Tidwell, came in second on Season three.

Two seasons later, Travis broke into the choreographers circle in SYTYCD with a bang by doing a contemporary number for Jeanine Mason and Jason Glover. It proved that not only does he understand how a contemporary dancer’s body should move (as Heidi mentioned in the pre-dance portion in the above video), but that he understood how those two bodies could tell a story. It is to this day one of my favorite routines.


Season 7, however, was arguably his finest. He choreographed 5 couples dances, one group number as well as the contemporary audition piece in Vegas. This was also the season that All-Stars started to participate, so he was given an amazing group to work with.  Honestly, I could post all the videos, and call it a day, but instead I’m narrowing it down to three. I demand your praise for my will power. The reason I’m picking these three specific ones is because they show three different sides to Travis. First, his gooey soft center. Of course, I mean Collide, with Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman (if I ever get to a “my favorite contestants” section – you can bet my boy, Kent, will be on it.). I honestly don’t think there is a dance in all of the seasons that, to me, is as genuinely… sweet. They were the perfect dancers for it. I think he had to have waited in the hopes of getting them for this one.


Then there is Angry Travis. For this, he was given two of the best contemporary male dancers to grace the stage – Kent, again, and Neil Haskell (or, as I like to call him, Travis The Second).  Sadly, all the videos I could find of this one have been disabled for embedding, but you can find it here.

Last, and not least on anyone’s list is Deep and Moving Travis choregraphing Allison Holker and Robert Roldan to Fix You. This was Travis’s dedication to his mom who had been very sick in the hosptial. Try not to cry. I dare you. (Again, no embedding. But, please, check it out here.

Season 8 then brought my favorite dancer, Melanie Moore and her perfect partner, Marko Germar. I remember checking Twitter the night they danced Travis’s statue routine. It was like everyone I know that watches this show had a simultaneous melt down over the perfection of it all. I could not wait to see it and I was not disappointed. It is pure magic. The control, the imagination… the last bit of proof needed to show how brilliant Travis Wall is.

So what is Travis up to now? Well, hopefully, more choreo for SYTYCD Season 9. But if not, you will still be able to get your Travis fix on Oxygen. He has a reality series, All the Right Moves, following  him and friends, Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini (another SYTYCD alum) and Kyle Robinson as they attempt to open their own dance company. And you’ll see more than a few familiar So You Think You Can Dance faces along the way! Check it out – it premieres July 31.

Any requests on our next featured choreographer? Let me know!


Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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