This week on So You Think You Can Dance, the couples all performed familiar routines. That went…. interestingly. I don’t want to get into it again. I’m still recovering. But next week, I think things will go much better as we see some familiar faces instead!


Now that we’ve reached the Top 10, the contestants will stop partnering with each other and start partnering with All-Stars! I love this change that has come in the past few years. I think adding the All-Stars ups the game of all the dancers. It also makes it clear who is falling behind.

I don’t know who the All-Stars will be, but I hope Twitch is one, of course. And I’m dying for Allison Holker to dance with Cole. That would probably be an instant classic. Especially if they get Travis Wall as a choreographer – he announced on his twitter last night that he would be doing two routines for next week’s show!

As for the guest judge next week, it’s Benjamin Milliepied aka co-star and choreographer of Black Swan aka Mr. Natalie Portman. I’m excited for him. I like to think that Ben and Nat lay in bed with their baby watching SYTYCD Wednesday nights. They aren’t busy or anything, I’m sure.

After this week’s issues, I’m really excited to see next week’s episode! How about you??

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