In week two of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9, Cat and the judges head to Los Angeles to see what talent they can find. Hanging out at the judges table with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe this week is Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, one of my favorite  guest judges of last season.

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As the dancers waited outside to audition, Cat Deeley hung out with them, as usual.  Hey internet – someone put together a montage of all of Cat’s “trying to dance with the dancers” scenes. Is it just me or has she gotten significantly better over the years?  I’m thinking yes, but I love her, so I may be biased.

Alas, the outside fun must end, and the dancers pile inside the Orpheum Theater aka the location of the “Hollywood rounds” on American Idol. Note the familiar looking red swirly couch in the lobby where we will see dancers either cry in misery or squeal in delight!

But enough of this nonsense – let’s get to the auditions.

Alexa Anderson – It’s our first “hey that person is familiar” dancer of the SYTYCD Season 9! Alexa walked the green mile with Ryan Ramirez last year, and as we know, that was finally Ryan’s year to hit the top 20. So Alexa is back hoping to be this year’s blonde with long curly hair that dashes some other girl’s dreams. I’m sure she wouldn’t say it that way, but you know she’s thinking it. And, of course, off to Vegas she goes without even a discussion.

Jontel Gibson aka Johnny Waacks – Oh dear…. This kid does what is called “Waacks” (Like Princess Lockaroo from last season, who was amazing). Now given how ridiculous Nigel, Mary and Jesse can get sitting at that table all day, you can imagine how far they took the term “Waacks.” There was laugh-crying and lots of it. His dancing was good and his musicality was amazing. I want to see him do Disco. That’s not happening yet, but he does head off to choreo.

Eliana Girard – This girl’s been involved in the Joffrey School, Alvin Alley and Cirque du Soliel… where she’s a pole dancer. But ignore the pole comment, because the rest of that is quite the resume for a young dancer and her audition is proof of her talent. Emotive and beautiful. Her legs were to friggin dying for. I’m telling ya right now, if that girl doesn’t make her way to the top 20 (top 10, top 4…) I would be surprised. She seems like a great personality. Like Jesse said – she could be the Melanie of SYTYCD 2012… the total package.

Nick & James Aragon aka The Ninja Twins: I can’t even with these twin brothers. I want to be friends with them! Oh hey, wait, they just said they were 32. Isn’t that too old? I don’t care, they are cracking me, and everyone else, up. Anyway, they dedicate the dance to their first teacher who just passed away, so you have to hope it will be good. And it was. They weren’t always completely in sync, especially on their pirouettes, but their style, dancing and tricks were overall pretty darn excellent. But, as I thought, they are too old for SYTYCD. Someone hire these boys!

Sam Lenarz: Sam was kicked out of her house by her mom (yikes!) but was taken in by her BFF’s family (yay!). She was expressive, but as Nigel pointed out she seemed to be in a dance class (doing step after step, not a full dance). But despite that, it’s hard to deny she is a brilliant dancer. I hope her mom is watching and sees what beauty she gave up. In the meantime, Sam goes off to choreography.

Caley Carr: Okay, let’s get this out of the way— MUSTACHE! Anyway, this ADHD poster child is a surfer, bar back and tap dancer. He has more personality than I would even know what to do with. I agreed with Mary and appreciated that he wasn’t like the other tappers – he was cool and collected in his style. So Caley is also sent off to choreo.

Megan Branch: I’m going to admit, I kind of thought this girl was going to be another run of the mill contemporary dancer. But she was quirky. Much more “Ellenore” than I expected her to be.  She was really solid so she and her eyelashes go off to Vegas.

Cole Horibe: This martial artist/dancer was interesting to watch. The combination of the two styles was fascinating and I couldn’t help but think “I want to see him do Bollywood.” And that just happens to be the only style he hasn’t trained in. I bet he can toss a girl up in the air with ease. If he made top 20, girls would want to be paired with him! And we’ll find out how that goes in Vegas!

David Matz – This guy danced with a big circle thing that was some sort of circus appartus. It was entrancing and beautiful. But here’s the thing – I can tell he’s obviously strong in order to do those tricks and has some talent – but can he dance? The judges agreed, so off to choreography he goes. Sans big metal circle, natch.

Stephen Jacobson: I’m not sure what was going on with this guy at first, and neither did the judges. He’s clearly very talented, but he didn’t bother to put together any choreography, which….REALLY? But the underlying talent was enough to have Nigel give Stephen another shot. They put on some generic music and he did some impressive ballet across the stage. He was gorgeous. Nigel very angrily gives him his ticket to Vegas, and a well-deserved swift kick in the butt for being an idiot.

Cue a montage of “been here before” dancers, including the guy in the argyle from last season. You remember… Anyway, they all made it back to Vegas.

Jonathan Anzalone – Jonathan was the Italian stallion from season 4 that was not very good, but whose sexiness caused Mia Michaels (I MISS YOU MIA) to have quite the Freudian slip. This year he is back and still bringing the sexy and attitude and a bit more dance this time around as well.  But really – it’s about the sexy, as made clear by the dollar bills Jesse shoves in his pants. Yeah… he did that.  Jonathan’s sent to choreography to see what else he can do.

Jasmine Mason and Marshea Kidd: This brother and sister duo were in a car accident that nearly killed Marshea (a returning SYTYCD auditioner), but despite all odds, they were both there to dance. Jasmine went first. She was very good and very mature for 18 and her hair was fabulous. Off to Vegas for younger sister. While I think editing leads to heightened emotional response on this show,  I’d say it would be hard not to be moved when Marshea, who was in a coma 6 weeks ago, walked on the stage. If I was in an accident like that 6 weeks ago I’d still be under the covers asking people to bring me magazines. This guy – he danced his way straight to Vegas. He didn’t even get to finish. Mary couldn’t take it. Happy family!

Oh hey! Time for choreo! Robert Roldan and Courtney Galiano take them through the steps. Here’s how it played out for the people we know:

Johnny Waacks – sent home


Caley- Sent home (SAD!)

David – left before choreo was over

Jonathan- sent home

And that’s a wrap on Los Angeles. Lots of talent as usual. But I’ve got to say – I miss the crazies!

Next week Atlanta with the one, the only, Miss Debbie Allen.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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