You know that empty feeling you have right now. No, not the hunger as you wait for the BBQ to heat up so you can throw some hot dogs and hamburgers on it. That feeling that you get when you realize it is Wednesday and there is no new episode of So You Think You Can Dance on tonight. Sad face. We barely know them yet, but I already miss these 20 dancers…

So what do we do while we wait a whole other week to see how they are paired up and how they handle their first dances that really count? I don’t know… how about I just give you a few videos to tide you over. Some old stuff I always enjoy watching…

First, my favorite group number ever. It’s weird. It’s creepy. It’s Wade.


It won an Emmy for a reason. And then there is this group routine from Season 4, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. It is clever and makes use of the dark better than anyone ever has. It is also one of the better group hip hop routines to be on the show. They actually felt like a dance crew and not just a bunch of random dancers following choreo.

And just to mix it up, how about a solo. Sometimes it seems like these things serve no purpose and are just a reminder of why we enjoy some of the dancers who haven’t been performing as well week to week. But in Season 5 Jeanine Mason’s final solo showed that those 30 seconds can be a lot more. In a matter of 5 seconds of pirouettes she went from a dark horse long shot to the hands down winner of the season. Never underestimate the solo.

Okay…. that’s a little bit to keep you going until we get back to SYTYCD season 9 next week.

Keep it here on for all the latest until then!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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