Is it true that everything is bigger in Texas? Chances are tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance second hour will not answer this question. But hopefully this hour will bring us some amazing dancers that will be part of the SYTYCD 2012 family.

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Sitting at the table in Texas along with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy is the loquacious Lil’ C. See how I used a big word? I didn’t want C to upstage me with his immense (and sometimes, I think, made up) vocabulary.

So here are the highlights and lowlights…

Bree Hafen: What better way to start the auditions in Texas than this lovely mom? I’m a momma of two myself, so of course I had to love her for getting back into this world after that. Having two young kids makes me so tired I can barely walk down to the mailbox sometimes. But there goes Bree dancing around the stage as beautiful and strong as can be. Just to be cute, Nigel has her son, Luke, bring her the ticket on stage, mid-dance. Then 2 year old Stella hits the stage and shows off her stuff. The adorable little munchkin is probably better than me. And frankly many people who audition later that day. Look out SYTYCD Season (does some quick math….) 25!

Daniel Baker: And our first official entry in the “barely clothed good-looking male” category for So You Think You Can Dance 2012 is this Australian ballet dancer. He “lost” his shirt. Yeah. Sure ya’ did, mate. The ladies loved him. I can’t imagine why. But not one to be distracted by a shirtless male, Nigel sent him to Vegas based on his merit, not on his abs and swoon-worthy accent.  He was a very good dancer, but I’m curious how he will do in Vegas. I’m a little worried he may get lost in the crowd.

Jarell Rochelle: This kid brought his mom who is going blind. Nigel brought her down so she could actually see her son perform, but warned her not to drink his water because it was actually vodka. Which explains so much, no? Jarell may be contemporary, but I’m hoping to see him dance some Broadway because his performance was just as superb as his dancing. Keep an eye on this one.


Von Kipper: This guy was a… well, I’m not going to use the word.  He was such a, let’s go with jerk, that even Cat Deeley, sweet, sweet, lovely, Cat Deeley, had enough of him and basically threw him off her interview bench. Von says he hates the show, or how it is run. He even points out that one of the other dancers shouldn’t have been commended. Which dancer? An autistic kid who did a crazy, what he called “ocean dance” that was just pure love and energy and happiness. He thought it took away from those with real talent. I… I could go on about it this all night, but I don’t really want to waste more space. Here’s my brief take – if you don’t like something, don’t spend time on it. Needless to say, he was sent packing.

And in the “Going to Give Me Nightmares” category…

Stepheon Stewart – This guy’s nickname is The Zombie, but based on his climbing down the stairs on all fours backwards, I’d say it should be The Exorcist, but that’s the next guy’s nickname. And we can’t have two of them, can we? While Stepheon may have creeped me the freak out, there is no denying that he was immensely talented. Lil’ C almost couldn’t get the words out because he was so happy to see him. So off to Vegas he goes. Where he will hardly be the creepiest guy in town!

Hampton Williams: “The Exorcist” claimed to exorcise our souls through his dance, taking away his fear and pain. It was kind of funny to watch all the pretty young girls in the audience go from “he is interesting” to “hold on, I’m looking for my pepper spray.” But despite the intense introduction, Hampton delivered in his performance. Whatever it was, he clearly felt what he was dancing. It was one of the most deep and powerful dances I’ve seen. The whole room – judges, audience and Hampton – were beyond moved. Off to Vegas he went as well.

While these two guys scared me with their words, their dances were fantastic. Hampton was especially profound. I hope it translates to the Vegas rounds.

And that is the end of the first night of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. What did you guys think? Any one stand out? Are you, like me, wishing the audition rounds had more Cat Deeley? Next week – LA with my favorite celebrity guest judge (besides NPH) Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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