Well, kids. Here we are. The last show. We’re done with Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance. Hopefully not the last season. But if it is… let’s have a blast on this finale recap, okay?

Two of these lovely people above are about to be named America’s Favorite Dancers! Which guy and which girl will it be? Click on through, and read what happened to find out!

The episode starts with Cat  introducing all of the top 20 after we are reminded who won the past 8 season. I’m not even going to pretend like I remember all of the dancers from this season. But it was good to see some of my favorites again. Adorable Will. Ryan Gosling-eque Matt. Alexa and her red lips. They are all here and we will get to see them all dance again. Mostly in group numbers… but still.

We also get to see some of our favorite judges. Of course, they aren’t there to judge, just to admire the dancers and pick their favorite dances. At the table with Nigel and Mary tonight are: Lil’ C, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen and Tyce Diorio, all looking fabulous in their fancy finale attire. As does the gorgeous Cat Deeley.

While I’m disappointed that one of our SYTYCD choreographers didn’t win, as usual, at the Creative Arts Emmys this past weekend, I’m glad Nigel gave a big shout out to the lighting guys that one. They have been on point recently. Well deserved, guys!

The opening number with the Top 20 is choreographed by Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh (who looks as un-Sonya as I’ve ever seen her. She is just lovely, no matter what her hair looks like). As soon as I heard they are choreographing together I was so excited to see how their styles meshed and what they would do. And, as I suspected, it was kind of perfect. The wind, the flowing costumes. It was a stunningly visual routine. The beats that Christopher and Sonya put in their respective styles are quite similar, so this was, as Cat says, sensational.

From here we go into the “judges’ choice” repeat dances. Why? Because we have to fill two hours of time, folks!

Nigel’s Choice:

Audrey & Matt / Travis Wall- Contemporary

I think the moment the “Titanic Dance” was performed early in the season we all knew it would make it’s way to the finale. Even if it was inspired by Titanic, which, let’s face it, is kind of a cheesy source of inspiration. But if you ask me to remember any dance from the season, this is one of the few that actually springs to mind without any hesitation. Once again, Audrey and Matt danced it just as wonderfully as before. Well chosen, Nigel.

Lil’ C’s Choice:

Witney & Twitch / Luther Brown – Hip Hop

My favorite part of the night is going to be Lil’ C talking. I have no idea what he said. There were a lot of words just to get to the fact that he likes this dance a lot. Almost as much as he likes Cat doing the “waiting for the bus” move. Now, I think we can all admit that at the start of the season if someone told us Witney was going to have a dance chosen for the finale, none of us would have guessed it would be hip hop with Twitch. Gotta give it to the little blonde Mormon girl – she’s got swagger.

Debbie Allen’s Choice:

Tiffany & George / Sonya Tayeh – Contemporary

Have to say that this one didn’t stand out to me. I don’t really remember it. But for most of the season I wasn’t sure who Tiffany was and I never quite warmed to George. That being said, it was danced lovely, and having gotten to know little Tiff a bit better these past few weeks, she stands out so much more now. She is quite the tiny package of amazingness!

Tonight we are also, apparently, counting down the Top 5 auditions of people who didn’t make it to the Top 20. Just to mix it up.

Audition #5 – Leroy Martinez

Leroy was the guy who was a bigger fella but had insane b-boy skills. He was teh first male member of his family not to be incarcerated or have a kid out of wedlock. Turned out he was the last audition ever of the season. Loved him. I wish we could have seen him again now.

Adam Shankman’s Choice:

Cole & Lindsay / Jason Gilkinson – Paso Doble

I remember this one for sure. I feel like we haven’t seen Cole forever. I missed him. He is such a strong and unique and intense dancer. This show has proven that winning isn’t everything, so I hope to see him again. The Paso is my favorite ballroom style and this is one of the best the show has seen. This time they danced it with even more power and depth – no nerves, and all. Loved it.

Tyce Diorio’s Choice:

Amelia & Will / NappyTabs – Hop Hop

Really? This is the Amelia & Will number we are choosing? Oh well. Tabitha and Napoleon are in the audience. Where is the baby?? I wish he was there. All this really proved to me is that I had an unhealthy love for Will and I have missed seeing his goofball face every week. In a season where half the time I forgot who people were, I never forgot Amelia and Will. They are personalities, for sure. I look forward to seeing them again!

Audition # 4: Bree Hafen

This is the mom I loved so much who had her adorable daughter who came on stage and danced too. I loved her and I was so disappointed when she just didn’t do well in Vegas. Hey… they did this little package without showing her daughter Stella dancing. I call shenanigans, as that was clearly the best part!!

Mary Murphy’s Choice:

Chehon & Kathryn / Tyce Diorio – Contemporary

Oh, this routine was just beautiful. Kathryn was so splendid here, better than we had ever seen her, I think. And this was a HUGE moment for Chehon when it was first danced because finally, he really came through on finding the performance. We knew he could dance, but could he find that emotional connection that is so necessary for so many dances. Tyce may drive me crazy sometimes (snaps!) but I thank him for this routine – it was so needed for Chehon. Well done again. Although it was almost all ruined for me by how Mary pronounced Holocaust. Holly-cost? Really, Mary? Sigh….

A new twist on the finale night – letting the top 4 dancers pick their favorite dances too. I can pretty much guess what everyone will pick. Cyrus will pick his dance with Twitch. Tiffany will pick her dance with Ade. Chehon, I’m not as sure…. but Eliana, well she will pick…..

Eliana’s Choice:

Eliana & Alex Wong / Stacey Tookey – Contemporary

Bang Bang, of course. She could not stop talking about how amazing that moment was for her in her bio package last week. It was a magical dance. She and Alex were the perfect pair and Stacey gave them a wonderful piece, with the exact right song. Once again, it was amazing to watch it and you could tell for them, just as satisfying to dance.

Audition #3 – Ninja Twins

Has anyone given these two a reality show yet? No? Ummmm… Andy Cohen, these two clearly need a show on Bravo. Get on it. They are awesome. I would watch the crap out of that show.

Cat Deeley’s Choice:

Tiffany & Brandon / Doriana Sanchez – Disco

This is the only disco number that even began to compare to the other Brandon disco with Jeanette. While the number with Ade was when we all really started to notice Tiffany, I think this was the first inkling that she had something more to offer. She is just so fun and spunky in this one. Plus Brandon has an uncanny ability to dance Disco well. I bet he never would have guessed that a few years ago!

Chehon’s Choice:

Chehon & Anya / Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo  – Tango

Ohhh yeah, the one Latin Ballroom he felt really good about! I should have guessed this would be Chehon’s pick. Plus who wouldn’t want to dance with Anya again?! He said he picked it because it helped him grow as a dancer the most. I think it is when we really started to see a chance in him and the possibility he could do more than just technically gorgeous ballet. Nice choice, Chehon!

Twitch, Cyrus, Comfort, & Christopher Scott – Hip Hop

After we see a montage of all the amazing hip hop from the season. So instead of seeing one of them again, there is this routine which was choreographed by Christopher, of course. This routine is why I enjoy Cyrus – he clearly is just in shock and awe that he is on stage with these 3 amazing hip-hop dancers and just having fun. The routine was great. I also think it solidified my belief that Christopher Scott should be nominated for an Emmy next year. That guy is hit after hit.

Tiffany’s Choice:

Tiffany & Ade / Mandy Moore – Contemporary

In a shock to no one anywhere, Tiffany, of course, picked her routine with Ade. I mean, he was probably already prepping to dance it with her because we all knew it would be on tonight. If she wasn’t picking it, someone else would be. And I’ll never tire of watching it. As much for how it made Tiffany finally stand out, but for how amazing it is to watch Ade partner someone in a powerful contemporary routine. I feel like I could be awesome if I dance with him. (I totally wouldn’t be, but I can dream.)

Audition #2 – The Exorcist

This was simultaneously one of the most bizarre, frightening, entrancing and ultimately, shockingly moving dances we have ever seen on the show. I think 20 years from now if you were ask me if I remember The Exorcist on So You Think You Can Dance, the answer will be a resounding yes. Just wonderful.

Audition # 1 Dragon House

Naturally. And why bother showing the auditions when these wonderful boys can just dance it for themselves! Love that even though the rest didn’t make it as far as Cyrus they gave them their moment on stage. This crew is remarkable. And hey – our old favorite, Bryan Gaynor, was there, dressed in a weird gold outfit.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Just cause, I guess. At least there are dancers. Including former SYTYCD-er, Ryan Ramirez.

Cue montage of the season including people being sassy and Nigel occasionally being a dirty old man. Oh! Oh! Bree’s little girl dancing. Hurray! And then the tears and the smiles and the tears of everything from Vegas right through to the final four being announced. You know, basic montage stuff.

Cyrus’s Choice:

Cyrus & Twitch / Christopher Scott – Animation

OBVIOUSLY. I mean. Seriously. He has never, in the entire series, looked as happy as he did during every moment of this routine. From walking into rehearsal to finishing up on stage and hugging it out with Twitch. I loved it just as much this week as I did last week. There is something so fantastic about watching people just do their thing and be completely in the moment. Sonya’s face after the routine said “Yes. Thank you.” And that is all I can say too.

Top 10 & All Stars / NappyTabs – Hip Hop

Before we get to the results we still have a few more minutes to fill, so why not another group routine! I love having all the All Stars together for this one. If they put together an All Stars tour for SYTYCD I would pay lots of money to see that. This Lion King themed routine was certainly different. But I loved it. I mean, how crazy dynamic was that? I was entranced. I’m not sure if it was Hip Hop. But whatever it it was… they danced the crap out of it.

After a series of about 3857 more montages (Okay, slight exaggeration, but doesn’t it feel like it?) we are about to find out the winners…. And they are:

Eliana Girard and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp!!!

Congrats you two. You truly deserved it. So talented! And congrats to me on finally spelling Chehon’s full name without double checking! It only took all season! And again to me, for picking Eliana as my girl choice from her audition. I win…. nothing at all! Darn.

Loved at the very last moment when everyone was on stage that Will gave Cat a big hug and picked her up. Those two clearly got along really well. I think above all I love how much Cat loves the dancers. And how much they love her.

This has been a season of ups and downs. All the weeks off due to holidays and the Olympics. Controversial format changes. Controversial judging. Controversial dancers. But, even with all of that, I think we had a lot of fun. There were so many gorgeous performances and talented people who danced and choreographed them on the show this season. I wish we had the chance to get to know them all a little better.

What did you think of the results? Let us know what you thought of the finale and what you’d like out of a season 10 if they get one. And if they do – well, then you can be sure to meet us right back here next summer!

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