Can you believe it? Next week is the season (and let’s hope not series) finale of So You Think You Can Dance. But before the final six are reduced down to the final four, we have a whole lot of dancing to get through. All-stars are here and so is a familiar looking guest judge!

Find my full recap inside…

This week, Christina Applegate returns to the judges table. But no real pressure on her – the judges don’t have to save/eliminate anyone this time around. It’s all up to the people voting. Anyway, I love Christina she is beautiful, funny, talented and just all-around fantabulous. Speaking of, Cat Deely is gorgeous as ever in a cute orange and grey patch dress.

Per usual this season, the episode begins with a group number. This one was choreographed by SYTYCD darling, Sonya Tayeh. Remember when Nigel didn’t really ‘get’ her? Meeeemmmorrriiies. Anyway, this routine was very Sonya with the tulle and the masks and the angles and what I have come to call the monster hands. It was an entertaining group number that seemed to highlight them all pretty well. It was quirky and weird and utterly Sonya. Nice way to start the night.

This week the dancers each dance three times. Like a lady, as Cat says.  They dance with an all star, they are paired up with each other and they dance a solo. The solos…. don’t entirely matter. I mean, I guess with the top 4, it can make a difference with voting, but as far as tonight – that decision is already been made. Let’s get to it…

Tiffany Maher & All Star Benji Schwimmer (Season 2)

Jean Marc Genereux- Jive

Who else is excited to see Benji dance again? Benji looks like a man now. I feel old. Benji was a delight and Tiffany, if not quite as animated, certainly kept up with his on the go style and Jean Marc’s endless choreography. It’s not easy to do the jive because it is choreo to the max and a ton of footwork. Plus you can’t ever have that “I’m concentrating face.” You just need to look like you are having a good time, especially if you are with Benji. I think they did a great job, and the judges agreed with a standing O.

Cole Horibe & All Star Melanie Moore (Season 8)

Sonya Tayeh – Contemporary

Melanie is perfect. Obviously I need to start any Melanie dance with that. Obviously. I kind of hate the song choice because it’s been used to death in marketing campaigns. But beyond that this dance was amazing. Cole is such a strong partner and had Melanie at every point. The part where she did the backflip over him – amazing. And I love that, as Mary pointed out, Mel lifted Cole almost as much as he lifted her. This dance was so even. It was more than just a guy-girl dance. They are both so strong.

Eliana Girard & All Star Stephen “Twitch” Boss (Season 4)

Christopher Scott – Hip Hop

Eliana has to pretend to have a crush on Twitch. Tough gig. He’s not super cute or anything. Though I’m so invested in his real relationship off-stage with Allison Holker, part of me thinks “back off!” (Speaking of, Allison is in the audience with her daughter, Weslie. Both being just the cutest.) As is the case anytime a chic tries dance with Twitch – it is hard to be the focus. She held her own alright. She’s not the best hip hop dancer. She didn’t hit it very hard, and it was a little bit hip hop, but bit more movement and performance. Mostly Twitch was awesome and I don’t care who is dancing with him as long as he is on stage. But Eliana is a gorgeous dancer, and I hope her other dance is better.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp & All Star Kathryn McCormick (Season 6)

Tyce DiOrio – Contemporary

I’m gathering tissues in preparation for this dance watching the rehearsal footage because when Tyce decides to do an emotional piece, damn, does he do an emotional piece. Kathryn was gorgeous in this and Chehon was so strong – both while being completely broken. It was just a truly a trying piece. You could see how much it took out of Kathryn. I really don’t even know what to say. It was…. wow. Dance is so important. As the judges said, moments like this is why.

Witney Carson & All Star Marko Germar (Season 8)

Ray Leeper – Lyrical Jazz

It’s only been a year, but I feel like Marko has grown so much. This dance reminded me of the one with Marko and Melanie where she played his best friend who was there for him after he was left by his girlfriend. But let’s get to the now – these two danced so well together. Marko is an excellent partner and Witney danced like she was a jazz/contemporary dancer, not ballroom. I felt like they have been partnering together for awhile. The piece was well choreographed, it was well danced. Just a win all around. Why hasn’t Marko been back more??

Cyrus ‘Glitch’ Spencer & All Star Comfort Fedoke (Season 4)

Christopher Scott – Dubstep

Comfort is back, y’all. That means it must be some serious hip hop! But maybe too serious?  love that even Comfort had the “WTF is happening?!?!” face during the rehearsal. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this routine. The handwork alone was kind of insane. I have to say – I loved it. It was fun, it was exciting, they both hit it. What more could you want? (Weslie seemed slightly confused, for those keeping track of her reactions. I was. She is just too friggin cute.)

Chehon & Witney 

Jean Marc – Cha Cha

Well, Witney was clearly going to excel here, huh? And she did, of course. How nice for her to end the night on her style! She was just having so much fun. Meanwhile Chehon did okay, he was not as solid as he could have been. I think he let the “I’m dancing with Witney”  and “I don’t like Latin Ballroom” of it all just get to him. He looked like he was trying. It’s too bad. But all I take away is Nigel saying, about the not fantastic lift: “We would have hated for you to have dropped her.” Thanks, Nigel. Witney would have hated for that to happen as well.

Eliana & Cole

Mia Michaels – Contemporary 

Eliana and Cole doing a (new) Mia Michaels routine? Yes please. Sign me up. The “ram’s butting heads” idea seemed odd to me at first, yet the combination of the rough and tough movements, the simple costumes and lighting, the moving classical music —- WOW. These two are both such passionate dancers and it came through in their performances as well as their technique. I couldn’t look away. Mary called it mesmerizing, and that is the best way to describe it. Another brilliant routine from Mia.

Cyrus & Tiffany

Spencer Liff – Broadway

I kind of like that Cyrus is still so new to partnering he was uncomfortable with all the touching. Grab Tiffany’s ass, Cyrus!! (Sorry, Tiffany’s dad!) This was a sexy-cute routine, if that’s possible. Cyrus did okay. I think it was a fun number, the choreography was spunky, the performances were really in to it. Of course, Cyrus wasn’t perfect. But he tried. I don’t know… Tiffany was fantastic and she was so in to it. I think it was one of her best performances. Side note – I love that Christina wants to throw pens through Cyrus’s ear holes. Hysterical!

The guest dancers were from Axis Dance Company. One of them was in a wheelchair. It was kind of amazing. The choreography was inspiring in how they used the wheelchair and his movements in a wheelchair and then mimicked that for the other dancer. Somewhere Kevin McHale was watching and realizing he needs some wheelchair dancing lessons for when he plays Artie on Glee.

But on to the important stuff…

Eliminated: Witney & Cole

Ummmmmm… Yeah. I’m going to admit I’m upset. As far as the girls, not a big deal. I thought Eliana should make it to the final, so that made me happy. Witney has made more of an impression on me, so I would have preferred her, but Tiffany is a great dancer and that routine with Ade last week was outstanding. I vote Eliana, either way.

And then the guys. Cole was the winner of this for me, I think I’ve made that pretty clear. I think Chehon is a talented dancer and a lovely kid. I have no problem with him being here. But Cyrus… While it’s no one’s fault except for the people who do (or don’t, as the case may be) vote, Cyrus winning won’t help this show get it’s 10th season. People are going to be frustrated. And I get that.

Here’s the thing – I actually think the kid is great. He has so much heart. And he never gave up. That is so important. I think he is an excellent role model. However, while this is America’s favorite dancer, not best, I just feel Cole earned it more than Cyrus. I don’t want to say anything negative about Cyrus, I really don’t. This is not his fault. What? He shouldn’t have auditioned? Or he should have quit after he got in? Nigel (and the other judges) never saved him. He got by on votes every week. So yes. It’s frustrating. But I don’t blame that kid. It is what it is, and hopefully we get another season and another chance at doing this. With the old format. *fingers crossed*

So – who are you voting for?? And since you are all very vocal, I assume you will be voting, yes? And what dances are you hoping to see done again in the finale? Not as many to choose from, huh?

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