Thanks to the interwebs, you can really get involved with your favorite dancers and get to know them a little bit better even when they aren’t on the stage every Wednesday night at 8pm. For those of you interested, I’ve compiled the list of their FB and Twitter pages.

Check out the list after the jump!


Alexa Anderson – Contemporary


Lindsay Arnold – Latin Ballroom


Witney Carson – Latin Ballroom


Audrey Case – Jazz


Janaya French – Lyrical Contemporary


Eliana Girard – Contemporary Ballet


Amber Jackson – Contemporary


Janelle Issis – Belly Dancing


Amelia Lowe – Contemporary


Tiffany Maher – Jazz



Daniel Baker- Ballet


Nick Bloxsom-Carter – Ballroom


Cole Horibe – Martial Arts Fusion


Matthew Kazmierczak – Contemporary


Dareian Kujawa – Contemporary


George Lawrence II – Contemporary


Brandon Mitchell – Stepping


Cyrus Spencer – Animation/Robotics


Will Thomas – Contemporary


Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – Ballet


Ok y’all, go ahead and cyber-stalk away! And in case you were wondering, you can also follow Nigel (@dizzyfeet), Mary (@HOTtamaleTRAIN) and Cat (@catdeeley).

Keep it here to during the break and don’t forget to watch the first time the Top 20 are paired up on July 11th at 8pm on Fox!

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