So you Think You Can Dance 2012 will have two champions in its ninth season.

Yes, you read that correctly. SYTYCD Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe announced that this season there will be a male and a female winner crowned instead of the usual solo champ.

“We are down to one two-hour show each week,” Lytgoe told E! News. We are changing it up. We are going to have two winners this year, one male and one female. It’s something that we wonder why we didn’t do it in the first place. We should have done it years ago!”

That makes perfect sense to me, actually.

“Each one brings something different to the table,” Lythgoe added. “We can split up the numbers and have America vote for their favorite guy and girl, so why not do it?”

I’m starting to wonder if we might expect this to happen with Lytgoe’s other show American Idol. Hmm. THere’s an interesting thought.

Do you love or hate the idea of two SYTYCD 2012 winners?

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