After much anticipation, the So You Think You Can Dance 2011 top 20 contestants were finally revealed on tonight’s show!  In a new twist, the show kicked off the dancing at this early stage by offering up a whopping nine new routines performed by the contestants.  No judging was done, although the judges did offer praise after each routine.  Here’s a rundown on all nine dances revealing the top 20: 

The group routines began with a Stacey Tookey contemporary dance performed by Ricky, Melanie, Miranda, and Sasha

Next came my personal fave, a fun and energetic hip-hop routine performed by Chris, Tadd, Robert, and Wadi, and choreographed by Dave Scott.  

In the third dance of the night, we saw Iveta, the only ballroom dancer, join season 3 favorite Pasha in a Jason Gilkison routine.  Jason’s use of the J-Lo/Pitbull song “Ven a Bailar” was brilliant here. 

Jazz dancers Missy, Jordan, Marko, and Clarice danced a Sonya Tayeh routine, followed by a tap/Broadway routine from Christopher Scott showcasing Jess and Nick’s acting skills.  (Quick aside: We all know how much Nigel loves tap dancing, and he hinted that tap may be a featured dance in this season.) 

Past SYTYCD contestant-turned-choreographer Travis Wall brought us a beautiful contemporary routine danced by Caitlynn, Ashley, Mitchell, Ryan, and Alexander

After the smaller group routines wrapped up, the show finished off with three large group dances.  The top 10 boys danced a very cool hip-hop/contemporary fusion by Christopher Scott.  The guys looked very swank in those sharp suits!  Following that, Sonya Tayeh choreographed the top 10 girls in a geisha-inspired routine that brought out Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train.

A Tyce Diorio routine wrapped up the night with all top 20 of the SYTYCD season 8 dancers together.

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