According to, So You Think You Can Dance returning judge Mary Murphy revealed in late January that she had surgery back in December to remove a cancerous throat tumor.  She had an encapsulated tumor, which is less likely to have spread, but Murphy acknowledged that she’s still “a little scared.” Understandably so.

As a fan of the show and all of its judges, I’d like to offer my support to her during this uncertain time, and remind her that she has a world full of fans out there who will be rooting for her as she faces whatever may come (or hopefully not come) from this unwelcome discovery.

On a more positive note, Mary is still set to return to the judges’ panel for SYTYCD season 8.  She probably won’t be issuing forth her famous screams anymore, however, as she’ll be giving her throat some much-needed rest. Beginning today, she’ll be participating in the remaining auditions for SYTYCD 2011.

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