I have a dream. A dream to be an amazing dancer and win SYTYCD. But that is never going to happen because A- I’m a few years past that pesky age cut off and more importantly, B- My talent isn’t 1/10000ooth of those dancers on SYTYCD. But that shouldn’t stop all of our talented readers from giving it a shot.


Click on through for the dates and information—

Here is the schedule, so far:


Friday, January 18th – Austin, TX – Venue TBD

Monday, February 11th – Detroit, MI – Saint Andrew’s Hall

Thursday, February 21st – Boston, MA – Boston Opera House

Thursday, March 14th – Memphis, TN – Orpheum Theatre

Friday, March 22nd – Los Angeles, CA – The Orpheum Theatre

One thing I notice, off hand – no Salt Lake City this year. Opens up the field a bit, since that is the usual hotbed of talent.

For more detailed information check out all the information on Fox’s SYTYCD page.

So all you dancers out there, suit up in your gear, and get ready for Nigel to cue music. I hope to see you up there!

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