Ever wonder what goes on before the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance hit the stage?

Last week, E! News went behind the scenes as the top 20 prepared to dance for America.

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E! took us to where the contestants hang out when they aren’t on stage — a room with snacks and water bottles, and gave an inside look at Nigel Lythgoe’s trailor, which is significantly classier than the contestants’ room.

Even the choreographers are busy before show time, going over last-minute corrections.

In order to get the contestants camera-ready, the hair and makeup crew spend hours with the choreographers to create the right look. The team even watches the rehearsals to grab inspiration from the routines. As many as five different artists will get contestants ready before the live broadcast.

There are 10 cameras and the sound team uses a protective device on the mics for Mary Murphy’s iconic scream. Tappers are even donned with microphones on both their legs to pick up the sound of their feet.

Host Cat Deeley admitted that she has a glass of warm champagne before showtime — no wonder she is a bit loopy.

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