The search for the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 is back on again!  Tonight’s show featured Atlanta and San Francisco auditions, and like always, there were quite a few standout performers.  But, unlike previous years’ audition episodes, this one seemed to devote much less screen time to the, um, weirdos.  (Or was it just me?)  I guess that’s kind of refreshing, as maybe we’ll get to learn more about the real talent as opposed to the two-minute fame-seekers.

As to the real talent, I had a few of my own favorites, including b-boy Jeffery McCann.  One word for his performance: strength.  I also liked b-boy Timothy Joseph and was disappointed to see him leave during the choreography rounds.  (Maybe contestants like these are what sparked Nigel’s comments about hip-hop dominating this season??)  And I was pleased to see Ryan Ramirez back again this year.  (She made it into the top 24 in last season’s show.)

On another note, there were a few critiques from the judges that baffled me.  Why did the judges put Deon Lewsa Jr. and Damon Bellmon, the two male dancers who performed a hip-hop duo, straight through to Vegas?  I thought they were entertaining and personable, but not very technically strong.  On the other hand, Marko Germar, the kid with a bullet in his arm, was pretty amazing but the judges made him do a round of choreography before passing him along to Vegas.  Someone’s gotta clue me in on what these judges are seeing that I’m not.

Overall, tonight’s show was a great start.  I’m hopeful that SYTYCD lives up to its expectations of yet again bringing another year of even bigger and better talent.

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