The preconceived notion is that the best So You Think You Can Dance auditions are those where the dancers have great lines, technique and impressive choreography. Sure, all of those things are important, but early favorites don’t necessarily become favorites because of their talent. There’s a certain charm that is necessary to be America’s favorite dancer, and it looks like we may have found that je ne sais quoi in Japanese b-girl Hiroka “Hiro” McRae.

 Hiro’s pop-locking was phenomenal, but we really fell in love with her adorable accent and sweet personality. Nigel Lythgoe praised her English, given she has only been in the states for four years. 

 “I didn’t have money to go to school, so I learned from my friend, movie, radio, from my lover at the time.”  She proceeded to blush, which she called “brush.”

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